Leonardo Holmes
Leonardo Holmes
Leonardo Holmes .

Funny Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes
Inspector Canine Holmes That Is.
Member reactions:
great pic, I would have gone with "Barker Street" as well . well done

Funny Robert Downey Jr Playing all Roles in Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr Playing all Roles in Sherlock Holmes
Member reactions:
The original poster is magnificent, which makes it easy to face swap.

Funny Henry the 8th as Sherlock Holmes

Henry the 8th as Sherlock Holmes
Member reactions:
Whoahhhh Ho,nice job.Congrats on the silver cup
Congratulations on the Gold HoHouse
Well alrightiethen.... Got a silver cup. Great chop Dude....
This definitely works. Congratulations pulling out a Silver, HH
Gold wham-a-jama for the House. Congrats my friend.
Very clever and very fitting new role for Henry. Congrats on the gold HoHouse.
Movin on up. Hehe. Betcha that was a welcome surprise. Congrats on the gold....

Funny Welcome Mr. Holmes

Welcome Mr. Holmes
Roundup: Intellectual Property

Funny Audrey Hepburn In Sherlock Holmes

Audrey Hepburn In Sherlock Holmes
Member reactions:
Beauty with Brain,,, very rare and extraordinary Hit

Funny Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes

Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes
Member reactions:
I am a BIG fan of Sherlock, just love his mind power
Looks pro. I'd add a slight shadow under the chin of the Sherlock at the back

Funny Katy Holmes Wearing a Dinosaur Hat

Katy Holmes Wearing a Dinosaur Hat
Member reactions:
One of my favorites in the contest. very clever and clean work. Any archaeologists would love this one, I think.
This one really got my attention, very imaginative and well done.

Funny Sherlock Holmes Cat

Sherlock Holmes Cat
Member reactions:
Nice title chosen and the awesome look given to this cat by changing the face color as dark ... good look for this poster
Is the gun on the outside of the cat's paw.
No, the handle goes inside the paw -- but it's shadowed by the cat's "thumb" - it's very dark. On the original the skin tones of human flesh showed it better. I could have lightened the gun handle. Good catch.

Funny Sherlock Holmes Detective Groundhog

Sherlock Holmes Detective Groundhog

Funny Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes
American actress Katie Holmes celebrates her 30th birthday today. Besides her roles, Katie became internationally known for relationship and marriage to Tom Cruise. Their relationship and marriage received mostly negative attention from the media due to the couple's 16 year age difference, and for Holmes' conversion to Scientology shortly after she began dating Cruise. There has been a lot of speculations that TomKat relationship is just a publicity stunt. Nor anyone believed TomKat's daughter Suri is for real, until TomKat showed Suri to the world, months after she was born. To mark the 30th birthday of Katie Holmes, photoshop her any way you wish.

Funny Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Wedding

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Wedding
[ Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have exchanged wedding vows in a floodlit Italian castle this Saturday. The wedding was celebrated by a Scientology minister in accordance with the couple's faith and attended by a host of show business stars. ] I did't think they had balls to do it, but TomKat finally tied the knot. Let's just recall a chain of events here. Holmes converted to Scientology after meeting Cruise. Cruise, however, never fulfilled his promise to convert to heterosexuality. Suri is a living proof that Tom Cruise did sleep with Holmes. And I am talking about John Holmes here, folks. I am not trying to say Tom Cruise is gay or something, all I'm saying is that he's not heterosexual. In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to TomKat wedding.

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