Kid Rock the Hitman
Kid Rock the Hitman
Kid Rock the Hitman. Member reactions:
with the number of hits on the billboards, he sure is a hitman. Quality work
Thanks a lot NewsMaster and yes, you are right
beautiful work sun, the burning dollars are Perfect

Funny Old Man Hitman

Old Man Hitman
Member reactions:
, crime and medicine go together for old geezers.

Funny Viktor Yanukovych Hitman

Viktor Yanukovych Hitman
Viktor Yanukovych does things his way or else...
Member reactions:
He made Ukraine the offer they could not refuse. Good job, Mundo.

Funny Robert Gates the Hitman

Robert Gates the Hitman
1 click and full view.
Member reactions:
this look really good. exellent work. = -->
Thank you very much wcswildcat and geriatric ..
Impressive. And his eye color matches his tie.
Nice work amadeus. Clean work, nice lighting, lots of cool detail.
Thank you very much guys. Newsy: Yes, somebody's eyes, as did the tie, it is frightening, if you've already hit man. funkwood: You can speak to thank you very much. Was good and I'm trying. Unfortunately, sometimes slips into a 1-2 job is not a "perfect", Dee is true, nothing perfect. I'd rather it say that a work which won the audience to like the other members and the other creators.: )
really coooool work amadeus , should get high score , keep up top works man
Thank you very much, my friend. As you can see from high points are not, alas. That's it. Next time.

Funny Hitman Turkeys

Hitman Turkeys
Member reactions:
This Thanks giving they fight back. love how you did the hands

Funny Hitman Turkey With Virus

Hitman Turkey With Virus
Full views.
Member reactions:
Every time i tried to use that turkey head source it would crash by PS. Great pic tho.. scares the stuffing out of me
Wicked.. I think this one should do well.
You have the Funkwood blessing-all is well and I agree.
Personally I do not like jobs that are saturated filters. The details are not seen very well. This would seem an illustration. But I must say that this competition is the best.
It reminds me some comics style illustration. Good job
Congrats Amadeus. AMAZING Chop. Too bad they didn't have 2 gold medals for this contest, your silver is definitely well deserved. I can almost see overtones of Rainman influence here. The concept looks like something he'd dream up.. Keep up the great chops. (ps. awesome use of filters.)
. Thanks funkwoodRainman effect. Thank you preemiememe..
Not sure about Rainman influence....looks more like kratos to me Good idea putting green bubbles in syringe in the hitman source.

Funny Joe Biden the Hitman

Joe Biden the Hitman
Please fulll view.
Member reactions:
Nice art style here. What is the meaning of the sign in the hand though. No Obama.
It's because Joe Biden want's to raise dust..
Congrats on Bronze amadeus. pretty cool chop.
oh man you just keep slamming to the best .. better and better every time ... congrats on the bronze mate and keep up top works
kratos.. Thank you very much... Thank you.....

Funny Obama the Hitman

Obama the Hitman
Please full view. Software: Adobe Photoshop CS 4 Hardware: Genius Tablet (A/5) Real Size: 1600 x 1330

Funny Dick Cheney Hitman

Dick Cheney Hitman
Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize (Dick Cheney was robbed.)
Member reactions:
Man, he wants the Peace Prize. Then Bill Clinton gets the Husband of the Century Award. Excellent work
Poor Dick. Still a Dick after all of these years. congrats on bronze.

Funny KGB Hitman Vladimir Putin After Sarah Palin

KGB Hitman Vladimir Putin After Sarah Palin

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