Horse Playing the Harmonica with his Band
Horse Playing the Harmonica with his Band
Horse Playing the Harmonica with his Band. Member reactions:
Great caricatures here. Teeth reflection is super.
Thank you Hobbit, Steve, Luciano, Eric and Nanny
Congrats on the silver, Hits very fine work. Did you use toy figures for the two background characters.
TY Andrew and Newsy. I think they are wax figurines, Newsy.
Congrats on the silver for a fine looking piece.

Funny Squirrel Duet Playing Banjo and Harmonica

Squirrel Duet Playing Banjo and Harmonica
Member reactions:
A cute puppy, some autumn leaves , and two fat bottomed squirrels. How can you miss. ...great image.
Oh GREAT. Pull the "Puppy Card". Very nice work despite the emotional blackmail,
I'm going to have to get my Cute-O-Meter recalibrated after this one.
Them squirrels is about to be puppy kibble.
Great work. ... Maybe I'm nuts(P I) ... but I believe I've seen that pup before, said the dancing toothpick man
Cute, cute, and more cute, with beautifully done background and goodies.
Congrats on the cutest chop yet, it makes me smile and I love it.
I knew it. I KNEW it. The Puppy Factor. Just kidding of course, you did a great job, hat's off, congrats on the Gold
Congrats on the gold FunkMaster.Super cute,well executed masterpiece
No, no Rob, you are right, he pulled the puppy card hahahahahahaahahha. And guess what, it worked. Great job as always.
Thanks all. You're right QT, the pup was used as a source in a previous chop a few years ago. Good memory. My motto is, if the source fits use it. To me it's a good way of breathing new life into an old source.
I couldn't agree more I've a few items that have made repeat performances as well.
Congrats on the gold, Funk. I thought it was a QTR's chop at first.

Funny Harmonica Gun

Harmonica Gun
Member reactions:
Its very danger to play in both the way...
Gold plated shining and sparkling Gun ever seen Lovely

Funny Obama Hangs a Harmonica Medal on Bob Dylan

Obama Hangs a Harmonica Medal on Bob Dylan
President Barack Obama presents rock legend Bob Dylan with a Medal of Freedom
Member reactions:
Moved the entry and fixed the link for you (it was non-clickable). Great work.
Thanks NewsMaster, much appreciated.
Nicely done hidden clever with the harmonica medal the perspective angle of the potted plant doesn't match that of the rest of image, mostly the podium that it is meant to appear sitting on. You can use the microphones as a perspective guide. Also, Obama's face appears to be lit opposite from the other two.
Excellent the medal of Freedom good one with the caricatured heads and well presented with the brightness

Funny Harmonica Man Stevie Wonder

Harmonica Man Stevie Wonder
Member reactions:
Stunning chop, it reminded me what I've read in Wonder's biography that he was considering an operation where an electronic eye implant would be made for him that would make him see again, and he finally decided against it as he did not want to turn into a cyborg. Love the braille at the bottom.
Thanks all. appreciated the kind works, glad you enjoyed it
Congrats-you get better with every entry. What does the Braille say.
Thank you very much for the complement Geriatric. I think its due to spending more time on entries, but thats coming to an end, commissioned work will be taking up quite a bit of my time over the next few weeks... see how it goes. The braille at the top 60 yrs, bottom Stevie Wonder.
COngrats on the gold X-man . great chop as always
Congrats on the win, Chaos. Another homerun.

Funny Blues Harmonica Piano

Blues Harmonica Piano

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