Dinosaurs in Greenhouse
Dinosaurs in Greenhouse
Dinosaurs in Greenhouse. Member reactions:
Luv the colors. It looks gorgeous in large.
Looks awesome, but it'd be nice to see the sources
Problems: the background I stole from somewhere and is in a folder with my other 40,000 pic's,the monsters I stole and colorized many months ago.I added some color to the background and I have never taken the time to learn how to download sources and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Just sue me.
I know this style of Designs it's from Great Designer FANTASTIC WORK
Thanks for telling us how the sources originated. Still a great work. Don;t forget the shadows in your chops though - the running dino may use a shadow on the grass

Funny Greenhouse Gases Light Bulb

Greenhouse Gases Light Bulb

Funny Greenhouse on Mars

Greenhouse on Mars
Mars Greenhouse , Nasa plans to put vegitation on mars by 2021

Funny Home Security at Marijuana Greenhouse

Home Security at Marijuana Greenhouse
*FULL VIEW is best.*
Member reactions:
Thanks for the comment Ericnorthend. It appears that the concept eludes most voters in that Northern California is a state where growing Marijuana supports some small communities. To infringe on their cash crop is a dangerous experience. I threw Biden in because the Government is doing the same thing they did during the alcohol prohibition era. Just legalize it-tax it and end the violence.Politicians are Morons.
Well, Washington state legalized the possession of Marijuana. They finally got it.

Funny Marijuana Greenhouse

Marijuana Greenhouse
Member reactions:
Had to laugh..as he looks like the "Rock", but it's plain to see he is stoned.

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