Barack Obama Chinese Style Government
Barack Obama Chinese Style Government
Barack Obama Chinese Style Government. We bring a sea of Chinese goods and now Chinese style government PAUL GESSING: Do not expand welfare state
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Yeah, right. Let's just hope the Chinese don't call in all that money we've been borrowing to pay for what's been happening since the Clinton surplus. See the Big Change

Funny Lazy Government Employee

Lazy Government Employee
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now this yung gentleman has a future in the company

Funny Government Plans Fake Mars Walk

Government Plans Fake Mars Walk
governments new pretend space mission Plan is uncovered. Thanks for the critique I appriciate it finnaryn Isolated Picture
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This is a really cool idea, but I have a few suggestions. Check your spelling in both the chop and the artist comments. You have government spelled two different ways and they are both wrong. Fade the chop portion down a bit so the blacks are not completely black. Try matching it to the other blacks on the newspaper. Adding a slight bit of noise and a very light blur will help with the texture. Also, as a general rule, a headline is only one line. If you can change it, the whole image would work even better. I think this piece has a lot of potential.
There you go. It looks much more realistic now.
I like how you've matched the new text to the paper, although I think capitalizing the 'p' in plans & the 'w' in walk, would look better. Also, in your entry title 'Planned' is spelled with 2 n's (Just a thought...trying to be helpful. I'll wait to vote so that you'll have time to edit if you want to.)
In related news, all women plan to go back to Venus

Funny Overturned Government

Overturned Government
If only... Source 1 Source 2 (halfway down the page) is actually in my town.
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Now we just to give it a healthy Overthrow
and in the final DAZE the world's axis will flip
No wonder things are upside down in this country

Funny Muppet Government

Muppet Government

Funny Government Internal Doc

Government Internal Doc
Paper Jam
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Funny stuff. Probably your *second* choice of what to show, but then again, we wouldn't recognize his arse.
I thought that was his a**...funny as chop

Funny Muppet Government

Muppet Government
Let the heckling come from within.
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They are the perfect administration for a PUPPET PRESI-DENT.

Funny Iraqi Government

Iraqi Government
Take it back Saddam... Thanks to all of u who wrote on my b-day
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perceptive entry, i like the very serious guy in back

Funny Government Critters in the Oval Office

Government Critters in the Oval Office

Funny Government Leakers Shown the Way Out

Government Leakers Shown the Way Out
The U.S. Government Has Another Leaker After Snowden

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