The good old reliable Zippo
The good old reliable Zippo
The good old reliable Zippo. The good old reliable Zippo

Funny Good Day to Die Hard

Good Day to Die Hard
Good Day to Die Hard

Funny Good Dog!

Good Dog!
Hillary giving directions to her dog.

Funny Life is good

Life is good
Member reactions:
Nice double play, Congrats on the bronze too
Thank you andwhat,CraftyOne,Hitspinner and Gummy ...

Funny Good to be home

Good to be home
Member reactions:
Silver congrats on a charming little chop.
Hehe.: nice shroom. Well played, Vic.

Funny Good Riddance Euro

Good Riddance Euro

Funny Bad Cop and Good Cop

Bad Cop and Good Cop
Member reactions:
I like how you used the faint color on the background for depth perception.
The washed out look adds depth to the foreground.
Andrew.... Great chop and congrats on the silver

Funny Good selfie Winston !

Good selfie Winston !
Member reactions:
It does not seem to be looking at the camera.

Funny Good Old Bernie

Good Old Bernie
Member reactions:
I think star should be on the other side, otherwise excellent.
Thank you so much Lucianomorelli, will try and which. Tried didn't work well.
It's fine, great matching of grain, texture, color, sizing, lighting masking, layering, blurring and contrast. It is believable
Hitspinner, thank you so much, this was a fun one to do, he fitted so well in the picture.

Funny looking good at 90

looking good at 90

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