Funny The Godfather

The Godfather
Member reactions:
Subliminal message in what he's grabbing...
Cat's head should be out of focus like his hands.

Funny Godfather


Funny Chris Christie the Godfather

Chris Christie the Godfather
Christie attacks Rubio
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Funny Darth Vader the Godfather

Darth Vader the Godfather

Funny The Godfather

The Godfather
Sources Tributing Alfredo James "Al" Pacino.
Member reactions:
Congrats my friend Silver-C. You fooled me this time. I didn't know this was yours.
Welcome back. Congrats on the cup.. I had no idea who did this one
Fooled everybody with this wonderful source worked Bronze winner, SilverCnine.
Silver Congrats, bronzecannine ... Er, well ... you know what I mean Nice Choppin'

Funny Darth Vader in The Godfather movie

Darth Vader in The Godfather movie

Funny The Godfather Petro Poroshenko

The Godfather Petro Poroshenko
Member reactions:
Very good at first sight, but Timoshenko lower part of body need some rework.
Clean.... Very nicely done. You might have blured the chicks head to match the blurriness of the background but overall nice job

Funny Robert De Niro Taxi Driver Godfather

Robert De Niro Taxi Driver Godfather
Member reactions:
God Father's Birthday is the biggest day of Hollywood Like the work on Punch device

Funny The Gandolfini Godfather

The Gandolfini Godfather

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