GLOW IN THE DARK. Member reactions:
Need some rework to match body/face colours.

Funny Glowing Halloween Pumpkin with a Spider

Glowing Halloween Pumpkin with a Spider

Funny Uranium Glow

Uranium Glow
Iran 'planning 10 new uranium enrichment sites' Image Sources
Member reactions:
Sci-fi meets political reality. Quality stuff

Funny Cyborg Glowing

Cyborg Glowing
Titel: Cyborg Glowing Autor: "MURDOC the PSYCHO" Original: "MURDOC the PSYCHO" and Original File: 3648X2736px 300DPI Model: Florence Worktime about 4 hours Done with wacom bamboo

Funny Atomic Glow

Atomic Glow
Keeping it simple Check out full..
Member reactions:
This is nice, though the contest directions state: "Photoshop nuclear theme into works of art - paintings, drawings and statues. Easy enough to edit this & put in a painting
Yes my dyslexic brain saw "turn it into a work of art" .. so i thought easy enuff

Funny Glowing Street Light

Glowing Street Light
Street Light
Member reactions:
Eye agree w/ SomethingOdiferous; simple yet well done .
Congrat tothzoli, as everyone said, this image proves that Less is More...

Funny Kratos Warrior Holding Glowing World

Kratos Warrior Holding Glowing World
hope you like it the Original photo
Member reactions:
This one would have been good in the Earth Contest.
Great work on the face and coloring and tattoos and lighting....
The additional tattoos look excellent. The earth needs to be blurred a bit up front to match the camera focus blur on the fingers. Just a tad on the lower front part.

Funny Glowing Hand

Glowing Hand
Member reactions:
I really liked the way you worked with the light here.
thanks for the compliments...strangely, the best stuff I think I make often is finished the quickest...

Funny Bruce Willis with a Glowing Light Bulb Head

Bruce Willis with a Glowing Light Bulb Head

Funny Glowing Human Egg

Glowing Human Egg
A human egg held up to light revealing human fetus inside. source source
Member reactions:
Decent concept, but I wish the egg was less blurry.

Funny Glowing Insects

Glowing Insects
Malaysia is not a country I know much about, but it turns out tourists love it for Malaysia's most famous insects, a colony glowing of fireflies - many tourists take a night canoe ride to see the twinkling fireflies near the mouth of the Selangor river. But due to recent pollution in Malaysia firefly colonies are not twinkling as much any more, and Malaysian authorities are concerned. There are two possible sides to this story: 1) Fireflies went on strike and demand their share of tourism proceeds (we ain't burnin' our asses for nothin') 2) Malaysia got so polluted fireflies are coughing dirt and their lights are covered with chemical wastes. The only chance they start glowing again is if the area becomes a bit more polluted with radioactive waste. In this contest you are asked to help insects keep the lights on. Add light-producing technological devices to any insects. Mini lamps, flashlights, projectors - insects need your help to get enlightened.

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