Glenn Close
Glenn Close
Glenn Close. Member reactions:
Love this mix of Close and tough guy DiNiro.

Funny Glenn Frey Caricature

Glenn Frey Caricature
'History of the Eagles' Well, I'm a-standin' on a corner in Winslow, Arizona Such a fine sight to see It's a girl, my Lord, in a flat-bed Ford Slowin' down to take a look at me Come on, baby, don't say maybe I gotta know if your sweet love is gonna save me.
Member reactions:
What the blank does that mean.
Excellent work. You are getting way good these days. Congrats, DD
clean as always and a neat hairdo. what's the object behind him. a skull. a car. a mask. can't figure it out..
It's an album cover, the history of the Eagles. The truck and girl are the girl in a flatbed ford, a verse written by Glenn Frye when a friend, Jackson Brown got writers block on the second verse. This was the Eagles first hit single,Taking It Easy, and the verse that Glenn wrote became one of the bands most famous.
i see, thanks. just listened to the song. must have been 25 years since i last heard that song.

Funny Chris Christie and Glenn Beck get Married

Chris Christie and Glenn Beck get Married
Red is the theme; roses, ties, party. Now Glenn can wear his comfy Cardigans October through March even if Chris doesn't win POTUS, because NJ has such lovely sweater weather.

Funny Glenn Beck Dressed as a Woman

Glenn Beck Dressed as a Woman
Member reactions:
Luciano darling, people tend to have a variety of head sizes, although the proportions between back of head and face are important too.

Funny Glenn Beck the Egghead

Glenn Beck the Egghead
Member reactions:
Funny , love the toes ...
wonderful the whole body is of egg good display of yolk from the breakage
Is there bone also in him

Funny Glenn Beck's Last Show on Fox

Glenn Beck's Last Show on Fox
What’s on Fox News when Glenn Beck Leaves.
Member reactions:
Oh goes on in the TV World. "NEXT.."

Funny Glenn Beck's Last Days on Fox News

Glenn Beck's Last Days on Fox News
Glenn Beck’s Last Day On Fox News
Member reactions:
I smell the work of a Libturd
Not Liberal & not conservative , I'm more of a middle of the road person, with a open mind.I'm here to bring humor to these contests , thats it.... But, i will say that, i would rather listen to Alex Jones then Glenn Beck anyday of the week .
Don't feel bad for Beck, for years he's been crying all the way to the bank.
So right Fido , Glenn just can'nt compete anymore with the big boys . Thx Fido ....
Ahhh-he gave it a good shot. Love the detailed background.
The crybaby Glenn Beck strikes again. Good one.

Funny Glenn Beck Baby in Car

Glenn Beck  Baby in Car
targeted AGAIN by Media Matters

Funny Glenn Beck as a Girl

Glenn Beck as a Girl

Funny Glenn Beck Endorses Visine

Glenn Beck Endorses Visine
That must have been a long night in the Beck household, no.
Member reactions:
Clever concept. I wish Beck's face was of higher resolution though.

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