AOC and Rudy Giuliani
AOC and Rudy Giuliani
AOC and Rudy Giuliani. Member reactions:
They must have been licking the toads.
What the heck are those drinks. Mud slides with toads. Gak. Poor AOC. I can't even LOOK at Rudy without gagging.

Funny Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani
Rudy Ghoulliani

Funny Rudy Giuliani Caricature

Rudy Giuliani Caricature
Giuliani: Obama doesn‘t ‘love America’
Member reactions:
Fan-freaking-tastic artwork and political satire.
Congrats, HOBBESART. Awesome result. First attempt and second place.
Thank you all. Looking forward to join and contribute to this community.
, another first entry cup winner. And deservingly so. We'll look forward to many more from you hobbseart
Congrats on the silver, hobbesart. Welcome to the site.
LOVE this. Refreshing new style here at FN. Want to see more from you...

Funny Rudy Giuliani Carrying Marijuana in New York

Rudy Giuliani Carrying Marijuana in New York
New York City to stop making arrests for small amounts of marijuana Former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani, seems to be taking advantage of the new regulations.
Member reactions:
Thank you for all your pictures in the contest. Congrats 3 and 4 places, Paul.
It's the Funkwood & Dr. Chuckles Show. Double-Congratulations.
Rudy: I'm a turtle, I'm a stoned turtle. Congrats on the wood too, Paul.

Funny Rudy Giuliani Fishing In New York City

Rudy Giuliani Fishing In New York City
bin Laden buried at sea Former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani enjoys a day of fishing in the East River
Member reactions:
Finally, got it but, it took me awhile. Sharp, crisp and funny-good luck.
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, rajeshstar.
I see Bin Laden got crabs. He must see ophthalmologist too. Great stuff.
Newsy...crabs.... Yes, he needs corrective lenses ASAP. Thanks, sir.
pcrdds, congrats for silver and bronze, u are rocking
Thanks, BOULPIX. Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, RICKYTREK1.
Congrats on the bronze ( I like this one better than your Silver - ha).

Funny Bearded Rudolph Giuliani

Bearded Rudolph Giuliani

Funny Rudy Giuliani Chin Face

Rudy Giuliani Chin Face

Funny Barack Obama Mixed with Rudy Giuliani

Barack Obama Mixed with Rudy Giuliani

Funny Biker Rudy Giuliani

Biker Rudy Giuliani
Rudy buys a Harley and rides off to make some new friends in Sturgis.
Member reactions:
Nicely done. It's always good to see something this convincingly done.
Rudy looks natural. Congratulations on the silver.
He kinda looks like Willie Nelson or is it Rudy Nelson.

Funny Spiderman Rudy Giuliani

Spiderman Rudy Giuliani
Must have been the political kryptonite. source image PLEASE VIEW FULL
Member reactions:
Great theme. Might have made the FDNY a little bluured, or transparent to make it a bit more like a tattoo, but if that's all the critique I can give then this piece is SUPER.
Great concept. Love the chose face impression too. Congratulations bee.
Congrats Killerbee Rudy with superpowers more like Bizarro world...hehe

Funny Edwards, Giuliani Quit Presidential Race

Edwards, Giuliani Quit Presidential Race
John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani told their supporters today they abandoned their bid for The White house. The decision to quit the 2008 presidential race came after both Edwards and Giuliani failed to win any primaries so far and the polls left them little hope. In his quitting speech Giuliani endorsed his long time Republican friend John McCain, while Edwards was not ready to give any endorsements at this point. Photoshop anything connected to John John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani quitting the 2008 presidential race. Some examples are - make movies showing their failed campaigns, reasons why they failed, what John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani plan to do in the future, magazine covers, quitting speeches and letters, etc.

Funny Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Giuliani
Last week Rudy Giuliani officially entered the 2008 presidential race. Giuliani is divorced twice and Democrats question how he can run the country if he can not control his wife(s). Giuliani replied to Hillary of Democrats: "How can you run the country if you can not control your husband?" In this contest you are asked to photoshop anything related to Rudy Giuliani running for president in 2008. Examples may be photoshopping magazine covers, campaign photos, or future presidency achievements.

Funny Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani

Hillary Clinton Vs. Rudy Giuliani
Yes, it might seem a bit early, but the hot talk in politics is whether Rudy Giuliani can knock Hillary Clinton off if they went head to head in the race for the White House. Your job is to design political advertisements (pro or con) for Rudy or Hillary and this potential race.

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