Geriatric Future Human
Geriatric Future Human
Geriatric Future Human. He's a hot mess
Member reactions:
The hands look blurry. Great job otherwise
Great caricature. I hope is just one of your nightmares

Funny Geriatric Harry Potter

Geriatric Harry Potter
"I feel 40 years younger with my wand in hand and my scarf around my neck."
Member reactions:
A touch of youe magic wand and youhairs will grow up again .
Fifth is great...and a heck of a lot better than last. Thanks you all.

Funny Grand Theft Auto Geriatric Edition

Grand Theft Auto Geriatric Edition
Member reactions:
No driver's license needed. Grammar police: you probably meant to say "Senior EDITION".
Boo Hoo Yes I deserve a ticket from the grammar police.
It seems everyone's license has been expired...

Funny Geriatric Road Race

Geriatric Road Race
Member reactions:
I would use a different font for "for the old and slow" - at least an italic one. Nice concept though

Funny Geriatric Computer War Game

Geriatric Computer War Game
Member reactions:
HA. Old Soldiers never die-they just fade away.
Thank you, thank you. Added photo to helmet "from Mary, 1944" and older feet.
Actual freaking image ,They are Powerful old soldiers don't fight with them

Funny Geriatric Hitman Playstation Game

Geriatric Hitman Playstation Game

Funny Need For Speed Geriatric Version

Need For Speed Geriatric Version
Full View plz.
Member reactions:
Hah I am ashamed to admit I have zero experience with Xbox games or Nintendo or games for Windows but I do know chops and this is funny. Great job
FANTASTIC, I would love this game. Good luck.
Amazing Very well exectued Nice expression of grany and grandpaa
This is cool Brilliant idea if you have for my Uncles; now who wanna drive crazy
Congratulations on Silver to Silvercanine

Funny Geriatric Mario

Geriatric Mario
Member reactions:
Thanks Hitspinner....its been a while since this old Dinosaur has chopped anything so I figured it was about time
Fabolous Everyone likes this game very much
Nice work but, I want a larger image for FULL view.
this is out of the box.. really Mario is old enough to bear those white tings on his face and the ladder is genius placement to the Oldie cool concept and clean chop, very well done hidden
Really cute, darn good job and congrats on the win.
D-Man. Glad to see you chop and a winner too. Congrads. This was a winner from the start.
This was the right choice for the winner.. A very well known gsme and well executed.. goood job.
Congrats on the gold, D-Man. What an awesome comeback chop.

Funny Geriatric Bradley Manning

Geriatric Bradley Manning
35 years later...
Member reactions:
Well focused job and all wrinkles visible

Funny Geriatric Park

Geriatric Park
Member reactions:
Geriatric Park... its a resting place for senior citizens this movie could be a great film for elders to enjoy nice title

Funny Geriatric Games

Geriatric Games
More and more elderly people are picking up joysticks to play video games. The reason? "Silver surfers" are becoming more computer savvy these days and video games are recommended by doctors to exercise the brain in older years. Gamers over 60 are nicknamed "gray gamers" and account for about 5% of the video game market. Redesign the current games to suit geriatric gamers (e.g. "Grandma Croft", etc.) or design your own game for pensioners. Here's a good example. We'll accept video game entries, and also board game entries, and open-air games. Many thanks to silvercanine for the themepost.

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