General Trejo
General Trejo
General Trejo. Member reactions:
Love this. Nice caricature. Big "presence".
Congrats on the Silver win, Denlig. A phenomenal job working Danny into the painting.
Congrats on the win, knew this was a Winner, Great Work.
Great job....nice caricature and blending
Grats Denlig, THIS IS FLAWLESS. Itís got dictator written all over it.

Funny General Pig

General Pig
Member reactions:
Denling, like I said, Handsome... Congrats..

Funny General Boris

General Boris
Member reactions:
Very painterly. Great match of both style and color.
Agree the painterly effect is spot on. Congrats on the Silver and a awesome pro work, Denlig.
Mighty fine choppage and effects. Concrats on the cup.
Congrats excellent lighting and pallet match.

Funny General Viktor Orban

General Viktor Orban
Member reactions:
Would be better if there were no black on top of the color (makes one think the head is just pasted on).
I agree with MsgtBob and this guy deserve some fascist uniform.
Nice work though I am not familiar with the man.

Funny General and Some Soldiers

General and Some Soldiers

Funny Good Bye General Shepard

Good Bye General Shepard

Funny General Cricket

General Cricket

Funny General Labrador

General Labrador

Funny General Woods

General Woods
Member reactions:
This made me laugh out loud. Great blend too. Defo top 5.

Funny General B.O.

General B.O.
Member reactions:
Thank you mister eduenrojas for your 2 . Here is what corresponds a score of 2 in the voting guideline : An entry that is horrible too, and should also be removed. EXAMPLE: Horrible layer masking with jagged edges. No blending effort whatsoever.
A 2, really. It is one of the best in the mix. Shake it off, Denlig. It's excellent work. Nobody with master's skills would cast doubt. Thes things can be crap-shoots with all sorts of voting ethics and tastes. That is why I removed all guns and sharp objects from the house. Sometimes it's maddening hahahahaah

Funny Your Fired - US Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Your Fired - US Attorney General Jeff Sessions
US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been fired by President Donald Trump. Mr Trump had criticised his top law official for months, mainly over his refusal to oversee the investigation into alleged Russian meddling. "Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and I would have picked somebody else." Mr Trump has at various times belittled Mr Sessions as "VERY weak" and "DISGRACEFUL". Photoshop Jeff Sessions any way you wish. Some examples are - showing what new employment or job offers he might accept, or what other "more interesting, and less stressful" things he may do in his life. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on the Jeff Sessions firing CLICK HERE

Funny Putin & Obama at UN General Assembly

Putin & Obama at UN General Assembly
Despite the Russia's political isolation, Vladimir Putin was invited to the United Nations General Assembly this Monday, where he met with Barack Obama for about 1.5 hours. They discussed the Syrian conflict, but came out empty-handed. After the meeting Obama came out cold-faced, while Putin tried to stay positive and said that "there's still a chance to work on the issue together". On today's stock photo you see the two presidents walking in for a photo opportunity, which was the shortest POTUS photo op ever - walk in, shake hands, walk out, timed at 13 seconds. Photoshop this photo of Putin and Obama at the UN General Assembly any way you wish.

Funny General Motors

General Motors
This Monday about 73,000 United Auto Workers (UAW) interrupted their work at General Motors factories and went on strike, after negotiations between the UAW and GM failed. The tension between the union and the biggest US automaker started after GM suggested that it will cut the health benefits for retired GM workers, in order to use the funds to help the company financially. If the strike lasts longer than a week or two, General Motors may lose over $80 billion and lose momentum with its new vehicles - the Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook - due to depletion of their car inventory, and the drop of supply. This could further shake the company's prospects and bring it on the edge of bankruptcy. In the light of the GM workers strike, photoshop a marketing campaign for General Motors promoting employment with the company or advertising any of its vehicles. Your marketing campaign can be in any form - advertisement poster, billboard, magazine or even part of any classified ad section in a newspaper, etc.

Funny Attorney General

Attorney General
Two Bush administration openings need to be filled. Attorney General and Commerce Secretary. In this contest you are responsible for filling these two critical Administration positions. Your entry must clearly identify which position you are filling.

Funny General Motors in China

General Motors in China
What will a huge investment of General Motors capital do to the way Chinese live and work? What changes will we see in the way they get around and travel? Photoshop some scenes from China representing how you think this joint GM and China business will impact Chinese living.

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