Yoda Galaxy of Stars in Space
Yoda Galaxy of Stars in Space
Yoda Galaxy of Stars in Space. Member reactions:
This stardust representation of Yoda is breathtaking.
Yoda was always a star for many followers
Beautiful. I guess this is what it looks like when stars are at peace.

Funny Samsung Galaxy Launch Rocket

Samsung Galaxy Launch Rocket
Member reactions:
Its really funny.... Launching into our Galaxy

Funny Galaxies Over A Bridge

Galaxies Over A Bridge
The original of this thing was freaking HUGE. I had to squeeze the .jpg file size to just 35% to squeak within the filesize limits.

Funny Galaxy Sheriff

Galaxy Sheriff
sheriff galaxy

Funny Galaxy Eye

Galaxy Eye

Funny Galaxy Eggs

Galaxy Eggs

Funny Galaxy In a Lantern

Galaxy In a Lantern
Member reactions:
Good idea, but did you mean to have the grey chopped chunks.
Yep agree with aintchicken grey boxes spoil it.

Funny Galaxy Guava

Galaxy Guava
For the most discriminating palates.

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