July 4th and Freedom
July 4th and Freedom
July 4th and Freedom. Hope Everyone had a Fantastic and Safe 4TH.

Funny Freedom is not Free

Freedom is not Free
Freedom is not free, some pay the ultimate price for it. Remember them.

Funny Memories & Freedom

Memories & Freedom
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Beautiful, I went there last weekend to see Yanni at Radio City, had to go there to this site, it's so sad, but yet so beautiful.

Funny Freedom Friends

Freedom Friends
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Excellent, Eagle looks great sporting Trump's eye.

Funny Chicken in freedom

Chicken in freedom

Funny Brexit, Freedom

Brexit, Freedom
A Vote for Freedom. Source Images
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Thanks, Crafty. I am happy you enjoy the moss. I combined about a dozen other images to create this image. Check'm out. Here's a link to them. Source Images
Congrats on the gold and a nice, clean chop. Reminds me a bit of Rainman
Thanks very much, Newsy. I did work a couple extra hours on this one.
Just a tiny bit like Rainman would be excellence. Thanks, Hits
Thanks, to Everyone for all the high votes and comments. Power to the People. Let'm Squeel.
Thanks very much, Andrew. ((()))
Beautiful and Powerful work of art. Congrats on a well deserved Gold, Splats

Funny Freedom Nadezhda Savchenko!

Freedom Nadezhda Savchenko!
EU foreign policy chief demands Russia release jailed Ukrainian pilot
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One man show for Putin You've blended him perfectly.

Funny Freedom Nadezhda Savchenko!

Freedom Nadezhda Savchenko!
Freedom Nadezhda Savchenko.
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Looks like she's gonna be locked for many years, like Khodorkovsky...
Awesome composition. I'd add some colour to the dog's face
Maria Zaharova doesn't want colored face.

Funny Jimi Hendrix Freedom Poster

Jimi Hendrix Freedom Poster
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Lest we forget the stirrr and s--t storm that little adaptation caused

Funny McDonalds Russian Freedom Fries

McDonalds Russian Freedom Fries
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According to the Guardian: In Russia, the McDonald's company itself runs all its restaurants, unlike in most other countries where local franchisees run the branches.
Clever propaganda poster chopping here. Thanks for the info - very surprising.

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