The Last Freak Show
The Last Freak Show
The Last Freak Show. Last chop Some Sources
Member reactions:
There is that magical background again. More and more I'm thinking the magic goes on in front of this background (as in this case here) and the bg can only be described as versatile. Super Last Chop, Hidden. 'bravo'
TY. I had you in mind when I chose it in fact Sort of a last wink.
This would make a trippy poster. Perfectly freakish for the last Freak Show.
Thank you DD and Coolkat. It's almost psychedelic Maybe I will put it up for prints on Deviant when the smoke clears here.
Congrats Hitsy on one more piece of deserved recognition. Always go the extra mile in your work. Good luck my friend.
Congrats Hitsy on one more piece of deserved recognition. Always go the extra mile in your work. Good luck my friend.
Thank you PS and Steve. I guess it is on to the next adventure
Great chop, Tim "Hitspinner" Dowling . . . I was sure this was yours. Congrats on the cup. It's so bittersweet, ain't it though, the last Freaking News contest. Iím sure youíll keep chopping and Iíll be looking forward to your future work. P.S. I took the liberty of sharing your ode to Doc on the FN Facebook page Ö I hope you donít mind, I thought it expressed wonderfully the way folks were feeling at the time and felt the sentiment applied to the departure of FN as well.
Thanks for all the eye candy over the years Tim.
Thanks Kellie. I know I'm a crochety old sod but I did try to make it worth it. It has been my pleasure for the chance to contribute to what I feel is an important part of art history. This was a movement that will be recorded. 1/4Moon, No problem at all. Bittersweet, hmmm I suppose. It is what it is. I did figure FN would outlive me. I would have liked to finish out on my own terms but wish for that in one hand and crap in the other and see what I'm left with . Mick said it best, "You can't always get what you want..." Good luck to ya
Congrats Hits. Colors and composition are perfect in every way. Iíve truly enjoyed your art and talent. All the best my friend.
Congrats on the bronze, Hits, and thank you for honoring me here too. FN will go on. READ MORE HERE
Congrats on the bronze Hits.This is a colorful freaking awesome chop
Congrats, Hitman. Wonderful image. But... I am so happy that it is totally irrelevant now.~
Spinner, I don't even know what to say other than when you turn it up, YOU TURN IT UP. Perfect.
Ahhh even more comments. Thanks all.....Yeah DD there is a little gas left in the tank but I noticed everyone else turned it up too.

Funny The Freaking Years

The Freaking Years
From Obama to Trump. About 13 years of Parody. Farewell fellow choppers. You are all awesome.
Member reactions:
Cheers Hobbit90. Good luck
Ha. Heads will role, I tell ya. Is this the New Zodiac sign for Gemini. Good one.
Good Ash. Bad Ash
Lol SplatShot, thanks. Cheers 🍻 deaddog.
Take care Gummy 👍🏼 🍻
This is pinning my WTF-O-Meter hahahahahaah.

Funny Wandering Freaks

Wandering Freaks
Freaking News you ask. "That place has been gone for years now. They rumor the Master is still about, under an assumed name of course. But no-one really knows for sure."
Member reactions:
Thanks, Steve. It's one of my personal faves. Quite often I keep it set to my desktop background.
No question this was yours. ... why it didn't do better. It fully captures the spirit of freakshow
Thanks very much, Hitman. Dark chops are a hard sell to some voters. And it only takes 1 or 2 weak scores to knock you right out of the running. But overall I'm pleased with it. An 8.002 is not too shabby.
Thanks, DD. Pretty simple, but I like this one. As a matter of fact it's set as my desktop BG at this very moment. I kinda relate to the questioned expression on the freaks face. "WTF."
It's like it just saw Rosie O'Donnell streaking in the Joker makeup screaming " Why so serious. ".


Member reactions:
I HOPE this chop doesn't reflect the future.
Congrats on the gold Hits.Love the background texture and colors.Always clean work as always.I knew this was a winner the minute I saw it.Fantastic
Thank you Bob, Hobbit, Andwhat and OS Willie.

Funny Freak Tornado

Freak Tornado
Member reactions:
Congrats on the win Hits, nice thingy with beautiful sky, plane, background.
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. The Best in Freak Show.
Awesome build ,fantastic Hits.Congrats on the gold

Funny Elephant Man Freak

Elephant Man Freak
Member reactions:
Great looking character. Thanks for sharing the sources, those are always fun to look at.
Gold Congrats, Hit. really like that
TY Luciano (It's from multiple sources, no Star Trek or Wars though but I remember a character in the bar scene with a similar snout like an uncircum...never mind )And thanks Steve, John and Hobbit
Grats. Is this why they call it freak show.😀 Another well crafted head spinner.
TY Gummy, Andrew and DD. I definitely like the freahshow/sideshow theme for this contest. It really is wide open to anything but lends itself to creating "freaks" perfectly.

Funny freaking crazy

freaking crazy
freaking crazy
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Silver Gary. Great job, and nice touch with money bait.

Funny Freaking Judge

Freaking Judge
Member reactions:
the water and octopus are coming out of the computer. It's a play on the entries are realistic are.

Funny Funky Freaks

Funky Freaks
A style tribute to Funkwood
Member reactions:
Funny that I thought that as panned down to see what you wrote. Well done. For the full funk effect you might try a strong monotone with the bolder colors reduced signifantly but still present. He did that a lot and it always worked.
That effect has some utility but I have never been all that fond of it. I much prefer heavily saturated color. Curiously these days Dan likes that too. His chops fairly recently are so rich with color sat you want to melt into the work. My aim in this was composition and theme. The bicycle contraption was something somebody posted on FB the other day and I thought, "this is a Funkwood type source 100%." So even though it was too small for a really, super hi-def chop it works well enough to convey the idea
Or that. 😀 That was a beat down😀😀. Maybe I'm thinking of salis
Great idea, well put together. Congrats on the Funky Gold, Hits. A Funkwood themed contest might be interesting
Ha. Congrats spinner. Nice job, disregard everything I said, your actually right.
Thanks Bob, DD, Champ and Steve. I appreciate all the comments. Maybe the next Funksterish chop will employ all his tricks and effects A Funk contest would be a lot of fun. It makes you get into the mind of the master.
Congrats on the gold Hits,magnificent and colorful
Well done and Congratulations. You are keeping the spirit of FN alive.
Thanks Pat, that was kind. I think that is a two way street And TY Andrew and Andwhat.

Funny Creature from Freaking News Lagoon

Creature from Freaking News Lagoon
Member reactions:
Very scary. I guess he doesn't need to eat fish tonight.

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