Aretha Franklin Statue
Aretha Franklin Statue
Aretha Franklin Statue . Member reactions:
Nicely done Ho, congrats on an even 10 Golds.
Not too bad there, mister. Big congrats on the gold.............
Nice color and depth, HH. Congrats on the Gold Win.

Funny Steampunk Ben Franklin

Steampunk Ben Franklin

Funny Ben Franklin Chanelling Elvis

Ben Franklin Chanelling Elvis
Ben never did anything half-way
Member reactions:
The whole chop is a plus, A+++ Top Job LunaC.
Now this is a whole new approach. Great job.

Funny Hip Ben Franklin

Hip Ben Franklin
aka BF or "Bif," The 21st Century Ben Franklin is tragically hip. Ironically, he doesn't care. Tres Hip. (Source:
Member reactions:
420. It isn't blurry, thank you. Perhaps it's the THC. See original view.
IcyAllEyeCan Thanks. If only attaboys equaled cups.

Funny Ben Franklin with a Samsung Galaxy

Ben Franklin with a Samsung Galaxy
Member reactions:
i think you need to change the perspective a little so that the left vertical line matches the right vertical line, if you catch my drift.

Funny Barack Obama with Aretha Franklin Can't Spell

Barack Obama with Aretha Franklin Can't Spell
Obama goofed when he tried to spell "respect" while honoring Aretha Franklin Pictured with him is Aretha Franklin.

Funny Ben Franklin and his Kite

Ben Franklin and his Kite
Ben Franklin continued his research into the many uses of electricity, much to the delight of Mrs. Franklin. I got permission to use this picture from "Ben Franklin" himself.
Member reactions:
Very pretty background, but Ben's chest and belly look a bit flat, maybe is an electricity side effect.
Like your idea of using the iron key as a conductor of thunders outside the window The Kite is acting as a insulator to the house good chop over all
Ariel9, he is standing, not sitting, which I believe would affect how far his stomach pokes out. But I imagined a mid-30s Ben, not the elderly fatter Ben. And I did use liquify to enlarge the girth of what pot belly he would have. Just with the arms crossed, it's not as visible as it could be. Thanks, Geriatric, Balodiya, and Rajeshstar.
Looks great to me. Great enough for a woody
Awesome composition and execution. the Ben Franklin permission comment. Congrats on the wood, Icy.
Congrats, IcyAllEyeCan. I really like this.

Funny Turkey Benl Franklin

Turkey Benl Franklin
Ben Franklin's distant relative, and why he wanted the turkey as the national bird...

Funny Benjamin Franklin Baby Note

Benjamin Franklin Baby Note

Funny Ben Franklin Caricature

Ben Franklin Caricature
Ben Franklin

Funny Remembering Aretha Franklin

Remembering Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul, died last week from advanced pancreatic cancer. She was 76. Aretha was one of the giants of soul music, and indeed of American pop as a whole. More than any other performer, she epitomized soul at its most gospel-charged. One of America’s greatest singers in any style. To pay tribute to Aretha Franklin, photoshop her any way you wish. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on the history of Aretha Franklin Visit This Link

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