Back in the Florida Everglades
Back in the Florida Everglades
Back in the Florida Everglades. After loosing in his own state, a Boa Constrictor greets him back home with a big "hug".

Funny Welcome to Florida's State Parks

Welcome to Florida's State Parks
Governor Rick Scott has made more cuts to our state parks. Now they have to come up with something to make more money, including raising entrance fees. Some may allow loggers to harvest some land, open gift shops, sailing lessons and such. This year they sold licenses to hunt bears. Whats next Scotty. Maybe off shore oil drilling.
Member reactions:
Years ago we had a Rick Scott contest. Looks like he is asking for another one
I'm game for that one. The jerk executed one of my childhood, BFs. Not that he didn't have culpability but he did not pull the trigger per witnesses. Good choppin Nanny

Funny Giant Snails Terrorize Florida

Giant Snails Terrorize Florida
Giant snails in Florida
Member reactions:
Great work,beautiful eye,funny hungry giant snails ...
That would be freaky to see in real life. Slime trail everywhere.

Funny Obama and Biden Playing Golf in Florida

Obama and Biden Playing Golf in Florida
Sinkholes, lighting, alligators and rain are the daily norm on Florida's pristine golf courses.
Member reactions:
Really good. Bobble head too small to be recognizable though.
well done in shadows and the big hole is enough to hold a person nice chop
Sinkholes, lighting, alligators, rain and wheelie poping golf carts. The only thing you didn't include was the Q-Tip looking old granny that can't see over the steering wheel driving in the fast lane with her turn signal on.
Gummy, sorry no old ladies golfed today and pacovilla thanks for the heads up for the bobble which I changed. Thanks for all your comments.
One of my favorites in the contest. Tiger looks somewhat huge in the background though.
Hey, I have seen that gator source before hahahah Fun chop, Nanny
News Master- Tiger is climbing out of the sinkhole. He yelling about the alligator. Tiger is also closer to joe than the secret service men. Perhaps I should work on my perception a little more. Thanks for the comment.

Funny Florida Sinkhole Plugged

Florida Sinkhole Plugged
Despite best efforts it is widely believed that plugging the sinkhole will not succeed. News Source
Member reactions:
clever treatment. Those things are all over the place down there

Funny South Florida Snail Man

South Florida Snail Man

Funny Giant Snail Invasion In Florida

Giant Snail Invasion In Florida
Florida battles invasive giant snails
Member reactions:
got remember the event "snails on the road..." well composed the giant snails making people scary good one like the news link
Quality and crisp chop nice head and skin of her and Huge Snail is very well placed on the road with managed shadows Good work

Funny Barack Obama Visits Florida Voters in a Nursing Home

Barack Obama Visits Florida Voters in a Nursing Home
Obama Visits Florida Voters Disasterman, preemiememe and pcrdds are the "Florida Voters" here.
Member reactions:
ohhh hidden i think your gonna be in real trouble..
Yeah.... Its must for him to visit Florida Votes, becoz Dman and Preemiememe has highest Karma... so their votes would count him the Most
Holy FN entries--5. . Another funny chop.
Thanks, everybody. Had a great time doing these.

Funny Mitt Romney Mister Florida

Mitt Romney Mister Florida
Romney Wins Florida Primary
Member reactions:
This is funny as New Jersey , wonderful freaking work on this piece Hidden .....
HAHAHA, VERY FUNNY Wonderful expression great work done here
It's Hilarious desire to have it like in this image very well done with the lipstick mark and the crown
I like the way u put hairy look on chest.. its FREAKING Awesome .. :-*
Golden Congrats LunaC . . . Really creative on this, great chop all around well deserved gold .
Freaktastic satire. Congrats on the gold, Luna.

Funny Photo of Gaddafi on a Florida Beach

Photo of Gaddafi on a Florida Beach
Photo of Gaddafi making out in the beaches of Florida
Member reactions:
I've got bags 'o money baby, give us some sugar.
Darn good job here, looks great and funny as New Jersey.

Funny Florida Fishing

Florida Fishing
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of fishing in Florida any way you wish (image credit anoldent). Some examples are - making this fisher perform more stunts, designing a poster with this fisherman in Florida, using this Florida fishing image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Funny Florida Storm

Florida Storm
Show images of how life in Florida may change with Alberto storm watch or during Alberto storm.

Funny Florida Voting

Florida Voting
Design an error-proof voting method / machine for Florida.

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