George Michael's Police File
George Michael's Police File
George Michael's Police File. No wonder the policeman is smiling look at the file he just completed
Member reactions:
Nice chop, but I think the file itself (without the policeman and the background) would be just as hilarious and would look better on its own

Funny X Files Cyclops

X Files Cyclops

Funny X Files Pop Art

X Files Pop Art

Funny X Files Alien

X Files Alien
We hold these truths to be self evedence

Funny The real X files

The real X files
Member reactions:
Thanks. I already had one made the other way round. (Gillian Anderson over David). looks better this way round

Funny The Beer Files

The Beer Files
Member reactions:
To me the beer bottles are a bit small and blurry. Perhaps you should buy a case of Bud and take some digital shots. If you take enough shots, though, everything tends to get blurry.
I am a Miller Lite man. Yeah, I see what you mean but the bottles are a bit sharp compared to the rest of the poster and finding a source for a bud bottle in perspective was quite trying. Thanks for the critique.
Here is a budweiser bottle taken from a slightly higher vantage point that you might be able to work with. Bud Bottle
Ugh, I hate Dale Junior. But thanks....I'm all chopped out for the day. Just give me a 5 and I'm happy.
Me likes pogo.

Funny Stevie Nicks in the X-Files

Stevie Nicks in the X-Files
I love her and would have loved to see her in a movie like x-files
Member reactions:
Maybe it is not to late for her to star in a sci-fi movie.

Funny X files

X files
X-Files Iraq Style, Agent Scully has to wear a yashmak
Member reactions:
** I guess that's under the new constitution.

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