The Embryo Digital Art
The Embryo Digital Art
The Embryo Digital Art. The Embryo, One of my first pics attempted, however, it was just the egg in the face sp to speak, without a back drop and I'm going over and reworking my first attempts, like most of my pics they are subconsciously created and it isn't till later I can put a link to them. This pic, the Embryo is linked back to about 30 years ago when I cracked an egg for breakfast only to find a half formed chick and from that day on I haven't eaten an egg since.
Member reactions:
Nice pic Bob, nearly made me ill with the story though
I hope I haven't put you off on your bacon and eggs.
It's not that simple as it looks as everything is created from scratch
Nice work so a new moral to your story should be when eggs hand you chicks make chick soup
I think I should be very thankful that pigs don't come from eggs, bacon without the eggs is bad enough.
Great work on the shadows, really cool and terrific work seen here

Funny Alien Embryo

Alien Embryo
Hope you enjoy.
Member reactions:
Quality work. Love how you did the smoke from the egg and the bubbles from the baby breath.
My God, in large mode this thing is like 30 feet wide hahahahaahah Nice one Taita.

Funny Raw Human Embryo Egg

Raw Human Embryo Egg
Member reactions:
Good work... That's so realistic. I think I'll not eat one more egg in my life.
I can't stop staring at it. It's so gross. Well done.
oh my GOSH. this makes me sick to think about eating it. Great work
thanks guys, I worked as a managger on a chicken farm for a few years. I looked after 88.000 chickens (free range)and had to handle about70.000 eggs a day. was so sick looking at them I dont think I have eaten one since finishing that job
70,000 a day.... Holy s....... Yeah, I'd never want to see another egg either . Great chop and congrads, I guess you must have had to see a therapist after seeing I turned us into eggheads
CONGRATS Awesome chop love the subject
Really nice work, congrats on the silver.
Thanks guys . Hits mate After a couple of years in that job I was seeing eggs and chickens everywhere
Congrats on the silver Johnx...amazing work
Congratulations-it's about time you won something.

Funny Insect with Baby Embryo

Insect with Baby Embryo

Funny Human Embryo and Fish Eggs

Human Embryo and Fish Eggs

Funny The Matrix Bill Clinton Embryo

The Matrix Bill Clinton Embryo
.....Democrats are no longer born, they are Grown Strawberry source
Member reactions:
,i always knew there was something odd about Bill Clinton.
That'd make the Republicans change their mind about abortion.

Funny Miniature Elephants Embryo

Miniature Elephants Embryo
Member reactions:
Dont worry Im warped too.. Cool pic mate. just love it...nice thinking..

Funny Green Embryo

Green Embryo

Funny Kangaroo Embryo

Kangaroo Embryo

Funny Baby Embryo Trying to Escape

Baby Embryo Trying to Escape
creeped myself out with this one
Member reactions:
I wish it had'v been as easy as pulling down a zip...
Good idea

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