King Felipe of Spain Dynasty
King Felipe of Spain Dynasty
King Felipe of Spain Dynasty. Member reactions:
Quality blending, and adding the Spanish flag in the background is an excellent touch.

Funny Penguins in Duck Dynasty

Penguins in Duck Dynasty
A&E's churns out another new show.
Member reactions:
Nice head of penguin and middle one is looking angry penguin....
This chop can be called as What if Penguin come to warmer lands This would be the outcome Very funny outcome

Funny Duck Dynasty in March Of The Gay Ducks

Duck Dynasty in March Of The Gay Ducks
These ducks are gay,angry,homicidal and utterly Fabulous.
Member reactions:
I just seen that guy in french TV today . funny compo .
Hilarious ducks... representing them Gay Community

Funny Gay Duck Dynasty

Gay Duck Dynasty
Ain't capitalism grand. Now A&E and the Robertsons both embrace the gay lifestyle. A&E and Robertson agree to promote "unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people"
Member reactions:
You did an awesome job with the source, looks totally real.
Congrats on wood, Luna... like all your work... this is freaking great.
Grats LunaC. never heard of these guys but the image is still funny.
Clean chopping and one hello of an interesting image. Congrats on the cup
Fantastic Chop LunaC. Luv The Duck. I can almost hear his Quack... Afla........c.
Luna this goes for you too... it takes so much work and holidays and days off to come in second to you. And I feel like it takes a really brilliant concept and execution.

Funny Free Speech vs Duck Dynasty

Free Speech vs Duck Dynasty
Duck Roast
Member reactions:
roasted ducks standing and peeping from far
Roasted ducks are freaking brilliant, and the gesture of all is amazing
A very polarized topic for sure. This has been all over the score board. I guess depending on how the viewer takes it's meaning reflected in the score.
Love the ducks and the balloons at the background.

Funny Duck Dynasty Person of the Year

Duck Dynasty Person of the Year
Member reactions:
Good design in this mag cover good merge
I thought this one might win it all. Cleanly done reality chop...
Lol...thanks you 3...there were some excellent entries...I didn't stand a chance.

Funny Duck Dynasty Upside Down

Duck Dynasty Upside Down
The two of bearded men from Duck Dynasty. The ducks heads are also upside down.

Funny US President Dynasty

US President Dynasty
Hall of presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush ... Clinton.

Funny The Bush Dynasty Last Supper

The Bush Dynasty Last Supper
New HBO season shows
Member reactions:
With all the secrets will they even have enough material for a pilot episode.

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