Dragon Meal
Dragon Meal
Dragon Meal. Member reactions:
Dragon stew with eye of newt. Great job Mano, background adds extra creepiness.

Funny Jacinta Queen of the Dragons...

Jacinta Queen of the Dragons...
Seen a story before about Jacinta Ardern regects 11-year-old's bribe to fund dragon research...
Member reactions:
Show both human and animal
(Be sure to show both human and animal with swapped eyes).
Thanks matey, its good to get some time to do some fun pics.. I have missed FN for ages...
The original view is phenomenal, Goat. You have an incredible style.

Funny Any Dragon In A Pinch

Any Dragon In A Pinch
Member reactions:
The chop and the background go well together.
Awesome piece of work Icy. With great colors.
No way you should have lost karma, Icy. All votes, except for fugit were within the 2 point deviation limit. Your votes were right there with everybody else and nobody else lost karma except fugit. Don't make sense.

Funny Female Novel `Knight and the Dragon`

Female Novel `Knight and the Dragon`

Funny Mutant Dragon Dog

Mutant Dragon Dog
Member reactions:
Looks great.
Congrats, SILVERCANINE. Baby monster is already ugly.
Congrats on the silver,canine.Great monster build.I love it,he looks raw,wet and slimey.I actually think he is cute
congrats SC. great creation. the spider.

Funny Dragon Frying a Man with Fire

Dragon Frying a Man with Fire
Source Images
Member reactions:
Dragons Provided by: Dimitri Elevit (elevit-stock: at deviantart.com) Thanks Dimitri. Thanks, Nisha. I figure a dragon or two will remedy the pirate problem. ☺
pretty spectacular. love the donkey and how it blends into the shades
Thank you very much, Jere. Just avoiding the contact shadow.
Excellent. Thanks for providing your sources too.
underrated for sure. congrats, Splat.liking the reddish hor atmosphere .
Thanks Steve. I believe posting the source images add to the experience all-round. ☺
Thanks, Jere. Absolutely the most vibrant and reddest manip I've ever done. A little crude here and there. But hey...sometimes they take on a life all their own.
Thanks, Gummy. Hey..that beaten Horse is injured but not dead. I believe from here he gets up and kicks that dragon's A55 all over the place.
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, U B doing Good.
Thanks, HH. I try. I'm happy you like it.☺
Red is the color. Me likes a lot. Congrats on the bronze, Splat.
Thanks, Hobbit, Bob, Newys, and Uncle-C. Thanks, everyone for all the great comments and high scores
Flames are fun, huh. Great build...... Cup kudos mate.
Yes, Hits. Flames are fun to monkey around with. ☺

Funny Hatching Dragon

Hatching Dragon
Member reactions:
Kewl Dragon. Great build, Hidden. Thanks for the sources.
Thought this was going to be a front runner Gummy.

Funny Two Headed Dragon Lizard

Two Headed Dragon Lizard

Funny Child's Drawing Style Dragon

Child's Drawing Style Dragon
CLICK for Original Kids Drawing
Member reactions:
Masterpiece . But could you say this was done by a kid . Son of AZRainman or Elegary maybe .
Fantastic work.... good details and finishing
Little advanced for a kid, but I love it. Congrats...

Funny Woman with a Painting of a Dragon Digital Art

Woman with a Painting of a Dragon Digital Art
I painted everything in the picture with the exception of the velvet ottoman and the print design on the lady's dress. The dragon was especially fun to do but I could not get all of this painting in this picture. To fill in the outline of the lady's skirt and the trim on her top, I found a photograph of my garden flowers which I did last summer, and placed it on her outfit, using the transformer and puppet warp tools. mixed media
Member reactions:
Super cool, I appreciate the effort. Real art work

Funny Design a Dragon

Design a Dragon
The upcoming year 2012 is The Year of The Dragon. In Chinese astrology the dragon is the only animal of the Chinese zodiac that is not real. Yet, the dragon is seen as a powerful almighty king because it was made up of different parts of animals such as a tiger, fish, snake and an eagle. To greet the upcoming 2012 Year of The Dragon, create your own dragon by using parts of different animals.

Funny Dragon Fight

Dragon Fight
Photoshop this dragon fight image any way you wish. Photoshopping just separate elements of the image - dragon, maiden, or knight - is also allowed. Examples may include putting dragon in real life, showing knight in paintings, or maiden on top of a skyskraper, or even all three of them in some movie poster. With this picture, let's show what mighty dragon, brave knight, and beautiful maiden may do. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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