Dino Rodeo Competition
Dino Rodeo Competition
Dino Rodeo Competition . Member reactions:
Sweet Some shadows see strange though - they cant be cast on the background like that (makes the background seem flat like a wallpaper behind the objects)
Great effect of Dino kicking up a mud storm. Nice job Wanderer.

Funny Dino sport

Dino sport
Member reactions:
Very nice job Loth, congratz on the Bronze.
Very well done. Congrats on the bronze... Fine lookin chop

Funny Dinner for Dino Movie

Dinner for Dino Movie

Funny Dino and Me Movie

Dino and Me Movie

Funny Dino riding

Dino riding
Member reactions:
,it looks like she's riding for real.. Great Job
Seriously great blending - looks real. The woman may need to be a smaller size though, as she seems like a giant on that dinosaur.
Top5congratz, Lu. Great Realism and attention to detail in this Choppage.



Funny Dino-Chicken

Member reactions:
Not angry , rajesh, just geting ready to sneeze. See the flowers...

Funny Dino Surprise Painting

Dino Surprise Painting
Member reactions:
Congrats on silver. I like her expression
Thanks all. This was a tough contest to add originality to.
Love the dynamism in the composition. Really feels like a Kodak moment. One of your best painting chops yet, Funk. Congrats on the silver.
Yet another awesome funkwood creation. Your work is always inspiring and sets the bar to higher levels making us want to perform better at each chop we produce...congrats funkwood.
Thanks Nemesis, I always feel rewarded if I can be an inspiration to anyone. There's lots of good artists at this site. I feel honored to be among y'all. Cheers.

Funny Dino Dog being Attacked

Dino Dog being Attacked
Member reactions:
Good shop, but the edges of several dinos' bodies need to be rubbed out a little in my humble opinion.
it'e need to full view ...I am so sad about your stats some peoples not check designs in full size

Funny Dino Dog Whisperer

Dino Dog Whisperer
Member reactions:
HA. I love the Dog Whisperer. I didn't even think of him.

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