Dachshund Dinosaur
Dachshund Dinosaur
Dachshund Dinosaur. Member reactions:
Very scary teeth it remembers me of the dog bit

Funny Woman Painting a Dachshund

Woman Painting a Dachshund
Member reactions:
It's a little different than I thought you were taking it.
Perfect blends. I mean perfect. I didn't catch there was another Doxi tribute until somebody commented in my comment area. I scrolled back and went' uhhh ohhhh, Hope I don't pi-ss you off. Sorry for stepping in. If I would have know I could have waited a week, Jere. Beautiful workmanship. I'll split the cup with ya.
Lol. That's alright Hitspinner. I knew Doxie sent you some pics too, so i was expecting it.
As I said, it was different than what I thought you were going with it - more abstract, but that does not take away from the fact that it is a wonderful tribute. It was so sweet of you to take the time and effort to do this. I think that in this world, you have only a slim opportunity of meeting truly 'good hearted' people and I put you in that category. I treasure both of these works (Hit's and yours) with all of my own heart. Thanks again. (((((jere/jere/jere)))))
the tonal hues and values are dead on... great chop jeremix, you captured the essense, i feel like I personally know doxie now....and her dog,(know she luvs'm) high marks on my end
Yeah, i know. I was going for a biggie but i lost my lust for chopping again. This was just a one hour "make you smile" chop. When i find my mojo again i might make the one i was telling you about. Wish i really was this truly good hearted guy you make me out to be, but i'm affraid you projected your goodness on to me..
Great work Jere. high marks from me as well.
Super work, Jere. Well chosen subjects and miraculous blending. Should have placed higher me thinks. Jere Jere Jere.
Your work and Tim's are proudly displayed on my Facebook page. I hope you get your mojo back soon, but I know how tedious and time consuming photoshop can be, and ya just have to take care of yourself and to what you can do, when you can do it. Thanks again. J/J/J....

Funny Dachshund in Fluffy Pink Outfit

Dachshund in Fluffy Pink Outfit
I don't have time to do something from scratch so throwing this PS I did of our dog earlier. She has, by the way, a pink nose that goes with this particular color for dachshunds.
Member reactions:
Hummmm. Wonder who this could be. Very Nice Job
Thanks for the comments. Unlike most blondes I know, she's a natural.
Knew that was a Doxie original, love it, go girl

Funny Little Dachshund with Wings

Little Dachshund with Wings
Member reactions:
Renegade: I enlarged them a little.... but it is something to remember next time. Thanks for the suggestion.
Tweety is adorable no matter the wing size.=)
Larger wings look better. Sweet chop (as usual).
I know that was you doxie great work as always , keep up top chops

Funny Heidi Dachshund Warhol

Heidi Dachshund Warhol
A dog is the only thing on this earth that loves you more than he loves himself. --Josh Billings
Member reactions:
Sweet. Could be even better (in my humble opinion) if you use different background colors too (instead of black only) for each of the 9 pictures.
Thanks for the suggestion, Paul. It's hard for me to work on her photos.
I liked the original in black better... Heidi was more vibrant... I really liked this one... now, it's not the same.

Funny Boy with Dachshund Dog Painting

Boy with Dachshund Dog Painting
The Jerry Lambert family have been long time dachshund owners.
Member reactions:
Ahahahahahahaha Jerry, I heard somewhere that paybacks are ---- heheheheheeh... too cute
Wood for Doxie - congratulations. Many great entries from you in this contest.

Funny Sliced Dachshund

Sliced Dachshund

Funny Dachshund Dog Bird

Dachshund Dog Bird
Only got a headswap
Member reactions:
Maybe match the colors. It is a cute creature.
Hee hee - I'll have to assume that means they don't match jeremix. Yet another colour-blind photoshopper (genuinely), and my usual tactic on it's butt. I'll try and tweak it and see how I get on...just the kind of range I'm worst with though
Maybe the colors are off a little, but the overall photo is very cute and well executed - good choice of source material. Well, excellent source, in fact. It's one of those cliche types of dog photoshops (I should know, )... but a winner.
Congrats on winning............ A++++++++++++++.
Congrats, loved this cute critter u came up with

Funny Caterpillar Dachshund

Caterpillar Dachshund
Member reactions:
Totally hilarious. Look at the cute tail too, .

Funny Dachshund Batman

Dachshund Batman
Member reactions:
This is cool. The wotsit in foreground, by being so bright and sharp, kinda distracts attention from the Dog of Mystery, that's my main crit.
this is so nice, i like how look the eyes

Funny Dachshund

Photoshop this dachshund image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up this dachshund, merging the dachshund with some other animals or objects, using this dachshund image in advertisements, movies, paintings, putting the dachshund into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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