Steve Jobs Cyborg
Steve Jobs Cyborg
Steve Jobs Cyborg. "The Computer Man."

Funny Cyborg Girl

Cyborg Girl

Funny Cyborg Life

Cyborg Life
source when you look at the images from the source you will see that I did alot to the helmet,with adding light,different levels to the helmet and adding eyes. The source images are from Dead Space, a popular video game,screencaps from the movie alien,and lastly the arms stock that I used are in fact mine. The reason I only show my arms and not my whole upper body is that I didnt want to show off my man ... .....just in case anyone was eating....and yes I know,thats probably the last thing you wanted to know about me. But really tho I am quite fit. I usually run 3 times a week and hit the gym probably twice a week.Anywho, I hope you like this pic, and as always please view it full view to see the minute detail.thank you
Member reactions:
thank you so much goat,and thank you bietjebianca
thanks bob,balodiya,rajeshstar,and thank you krrish
Very visually appealing . . . great work.
Congrats RB. This is totally pro, cool, and fun to explore.
Impressive piece. Congrats on the wood, robin.

Funny Cyborg Doll

Cyborg Doll
"She'll be back." .

Funny Cyborg Degas Painting

Cyborg Degas Painting
I was curious to see what was inside
Member reactions:
(-; and if it were an alien ready to abduct you.
Excellent execution, and wonderfully bizarre . . .

Funny Atlas Cyborg Holding up World

Atlas Cyborg Holding up World
Member reactions:
Creative. Nice to see your work again, Isabelle.

Funny Cyborg Reading the Paper

Cyborg Reading the Paper

Funny Natalie Portman Cyborg

Natalie Portman Cyborg

Funny Natalie Portman Cyborg

Natalie Portman Cyborg

Funny Cyborg Rooster

Cyborg Rooster
Member reactions:
, u guys are really bringing it to the table this time, so many gr8 entries with this source.
Half bird, good creative job, excellenttttttttttttttttttt
pretty cool, have to agree with Kellie, so many good chops in this contest.
Totally what Kell said. Dis one iz a true beauty.
Congratulations Salis....another Home Run.
Congrats on gold, I knew that this was yours, Salis. Well deserved win, killer chop.
Hehe...super chicken strikes again. I'm surprised Hollywood has never had a super hero chicken. Congrats Salis
Je suis fascinée par ce magnifique coq. Un pur bonheur . Félicitations Salis .
thanx alot everyone, rainman, super chicken will keep striking, and and one day, she will get her chance through
Congrats on the win, Salis. Dis rooster is golden.
bit late, but well done mate..... loved it...

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