The Collector
The Collector
The Collector. Member reactions:
Quality build, could be an image to a spooky bedtime story. Congrats on the Silver Fugit, Great work.
Super Work, Fugit. Love your collector character, she's a gem.
Congrats, good pic, does it collect Grown Ups Too.

Funny The Collector

The Collector
Member reactions:
Every so often a chop comes along that makes us all say ..
Funny, I've been watching documentaries on our solar system, our galaxy, the universe, everything out there including planetary collisions which is how Earth got it's moon, the only inward rockey planet with a moon which by the way is enormous for the size of Earth and is currently leaving Earth's orbit at a rate of 3cm a year. Your chop reverberates everything I've been watchin. Cool beans.
Nice work with the atmosphere. Love the Concept.
I love it when that happens dd tuned into the matrix. Thanks Splat and Bob
Agree Gummy, Its got the factor. A Freak Show Treat.
Nice chop. Thought it was going to be a winner.
Cosmix, to me this is a Winner, Love It...
Superb Work, Cos. Tough Field of competitors this week. But Still a Winner. Congrats.
This was a tough competition contest Cosmix, still a top spot chop for me.

Funny The New Trash Collectors

The New Trash Collectors

Funny Vladimir Putin, Collector of Russian lands

Vladimir Putin, Collector of Russian lands
Member reactions:
He is not winner at all. Russian economy is in the ruins. He is famous because he is thief.
Number 1 guy. Not much you can do actually. Nice chop and trophy young man

Funny The Brains Collector

The Brains Collector
Member reactions:
I think this guy came to where I work and took all the managers brains. Like this one.
Of course he's got your managers, He has already ran through all of the politicians.
Oh no.....another weird creature thing, Freaky must be contagious. Be Careful Hidden too much freakyness may not be healthy for you. Then again..this is the Freak Show Ba,,,,by. Carry On.
Totally wild, brain melting chop. I love how you did this scary brain creature on the left.
Now this is my kind of chop,twisted, freaky,brain -filled excellence .Brain man and the other brain creatures are freaking fantastic.I love the weird and the wacky,just love this hidden,grand chop
Now I must say this is a Mind Blowing CHOP
Congrats on the win, darn good chop and I saw this guy taking brains from more managers today, what little they had.
Congrats on the wood Silvercanine,I just loved this
Congratulations, SilverCanine. A simply amazing chop..
Fabulously gross. Love it Congrats on the cup.
great chopping, mate. i was sure this was hits work. congrats on winning a woody.
Congratulations. equally worthy of praise.

Funny The Wooden Puzzle Collector

The Wooden Puzzle Collector
Choose Your Challenge
Member reactions:
All done using the source image really appreciated good one

Funny Uncle Sam - The Data Collector Barack Obama

Uncle Sam - The Data Collector Barack Obama
PRISM Companies Start Denying Knowledge of the NSA Data Collection
Member reactions:
Well, the people will have their opportunity to say whether it agrees with it or not in the next election.

Funny Visitation of the Soul Collectors Digital Art

Visitation of the Soul Collectors Digital Art
Hand it over.
Member reactions:
yes, me too. Very nice job breaking the frame with the hand. Nice surprise. Good muted cool color palate.
this is awesome work I relly like the feel of this
Soul collectors, its really a good idea to include this in chop I love the parrot sitting well done
Very nice work, nice merge and good colors applied
Thanks guys.... enjoyed your comments... Mmmmwahhh.

Funny Cher Collector Wigs

Cher Collector Wigs
The Millinery Shop
Member reactions:
Sweet. and Cher is really known for wearing wigs all the time.

Funny Treasure Collectors and Naval Officer

Treasure Collectors and Naval Officer
The Pirates have come to Collect

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