Hillary Clinton's presidential wax collection
Hillary Clinton's presidential wax collection
Hillary Clinton's presidential wax collection.

Funny Kim Jong Un and Obama's Skull Collection

Kim Jong Un and Obama's Skull Collection

Funny Rusty Vintage Metal Collection

Rusty Vintage Metal Collection
Member reactions:
Love the mood of this one and it all blends so well it doesn't even look like it was composited... it was, right. Nicely done.
Nicely Assembled, Hiddenwood. Love the gray and the low sat tones.
Ty, yeah Rob it was all built from scratch. I'll post the sources soon so you can get an idea of the process.
Looks like some abandoned, cursed objects in Bodie. Nice one.
Reminds me of leonardo da vinci's workshop, very innovative especially mechanical crow
Really, an amazing job. It could have been a still life photographed. All the perspectives, shadows, check. I really like this piece a lot
We could discuss if some shadow shoud be longer or shorter but in this case really small details. I have no words.
Grats, FW. Very Interesting and Inspirational. Keep'em Coming.
How much hours of work is that . OMG . impressive
Quite a nice, artful arrangement. Totally Bodie, just needed a gold pan and some dust covered placer gold to complete the "untouchable" ghost story for me. You'd never know it was a chop. Congrats on the gold. If you are not familiar with Bodie, Ca and the story, this probably sounds like gibberish. Treat yourself and Google it. It is one he11 of an amazing ghost story
Congrats on the Gold. Boy that'll teach me to go on and on about how good your entry is BEFORE the voting. What a dunce I am,
Congrats on the gold Funk
Thanks everyone. This one was a lot of fun..Armatien, not sure how long it took. More than a few hours I suppose. A lot of time spent on composition and color tweaking. Tim, I checked out Bodie. Cool looking ghost town. Robb,it's tough to say how much comments during voting affects voting. As a general rule I don't comment on entries until voting is completed. At Worth1000 they won't allow you to see comments until you've voted. Probably a good idea.
Agreed. Some people use comments as barbs and efforts to minimize where others are extremely helpful. It is always the bad apple that spoils the barrel so I steer away from the practice of critical comments, mostly, and prefer to give positive kudos. Then there is the rare case when someone has really blown it and I might say something if there is time to save it. It can be a touchy subject and I think you have adopted wise policy, albeit sad. I am sure everyone likes to hear your comments as much as I. You have many hard won gems of experience to give
Congrats on the gold, Funk. Stunning composition.

Funny Ignobel Sochi Stamp Collection

Ignobel Sochi Stamp Collection
Member reactions:
Nice work - should have scored better, imo

Funny Photoshop Contest Votes Collection Truck

Photoshop Contest Votes Collection Truck
Member reactions:
Obama is supervising all FN Votes.... great blend of putting FN banner over the Truck body and Votes on the boxes really perfect job done
This is great Nice thinking and very well executed
It's real freaking and obama looking good

Funny Sports Car Model Collection

Sports Car Model Collection
Member reactions:
Perfect placement, it looks like an original picture. Clean work so nice

Funny Regina's Collection of Hearts

Regina's Collection of Hearts
Regina's Collection of Hearts
Member reactions:
Great collection of hearts.... and the red beeping light indicates their presence in the lockers Very well done... Keep me thinking about my heart
Awesome work of lightning /shadows very impressive

Funny Sarah Palin Cotton Collection Advert

Sarah Palin Cotton Collection Advert
Member reactions:
Cool. Sarah is a fitting subject for this one

Funny Van Gogh Painting Collection

Van Gogh Painting Collection
This is in my west hall, just beyond the main ball room. I can't pay my bills, but I've got one heck of a Van Gogh collection.
Member reactions:
can the crap.......you know that was taken at my house. nobody touches my "vase with fifteen sunflowers". BEAAAAATCH.
I think you both are fibbing. Well, maybe the comment on the tie is true. Great Job,KB.
Are you kidding me. I hacked Rainman's account and bought all these paintings and the mansion to boot with all his gold. I borrowed the tie from Hitspinner, he usually has it tied around his head Willie Nelson style, sorry if it looks like yours. I understand that you can buy posters of Van Gogh's Sunflowers at Wal-Mart, but that does not make the original yours oldman.
It's a rental, the George Bush source would like it back, when the voting ends.
I was sure you would ace this contest with this one. I'm giving you the silver just on principle even if you did fib.

Funny Obama Record Collection

Obama Record Collection
Best viewed full.
Member reactions:
Don't worry 'bout a thing, Cause every little thing gonna be all right.
Excellent work. Meert.

Funny IRS Tax Collection Methods

IRS Tax Collection Methods
Suggest new effective (or not) methods of collecting taxes for IRS, or photoshop what "red flags" can help IRS hunt those tax dodgers.

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