Absolut Coca Cola
Absolut Coca Cola
Absolut Coca Cola.

Funny McDonalds & Coca-Cola War

McDonalds & Coca-Cola War
I might do a battle between a Pepsi superrobot and the tank later... then again, i might not.
Member reactions:
Been working on those tips you pointed me too. Still not there yet, but i learned a thing or two.
this is really great but I just don't like the Moon, it takes the fantastic realism of the rest of the chop away imo.
Moon. There is no moon. There is only yourself./neo
Is that a line out of The Matrix. Great job...
the line goes something like there is no spoon.
It's so impressive on many levels. Love how you painted the tank. Full view is a must here
Conrgats Jeremix Happy meals are the new weapon of mass destruction...
Congrats on #2. Extremely clever and well executed.
Congrats Jeremix, very inventive and creative work.
In the immortal words of Darth Vader, "Impressive...most impressive." Jedichopper you have become, Jeremix.
Why would someone rate this #4. Must have been a Pepsi fan.
it wasn't me.....this is at least a 5, , nice chop.

Funny Green Coca-Cola Logo

Green Coca-Cola Logo

Funny Pepsi Coca Cola

Pepsi Coca Cola
I think someone's going to get in trouble..
Member reactions:
Cool. Do I see Freaking News letters in the can blue background.

Funny Google Coca Cola

Google Coca Cola

Funny Camel Drinking Coca-Cola From a Tank in the Desert

Camel Drinking Coca-Cola From a Tank in the Desert
Member reactions:
I love it. Should be an advertisement for Coke.

Funny Helen Hunt Vintage Coca Cola Ad

Helen Hunt Vintage Coca Cola Ad
Member reactions:
I really like this, just not sure why you squished her face.
Have to agree with Dream. It's important when doing a tribute not to squeeze or stretch the face. Even when doing a caricature the dimensions should be right.
Congrats Luciano, a nice nostalgic poster
Love the vintage ad style here. Bronze congratulationz, Mr. Luciano.

Funny Coca-Cola Arrests Pepsi

Coca-Cola Arrests Pepsi
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the silver, Twister. Gld this one made the top three.

Funny Loco Coca Cola Brand

Loco Coca Cola Brand

Funny Red Pepper Coca-cola

Red Pepper Coca-cola
Member reactions:
another good one. but can you add some water or make it look like an ice cold coke in can more. just my suggestion.
Congrats on 3rd. Nice clear and clean chopping.
This was my favorite in the contest. Congratulations on a job well done.

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