Old Church
Old Church
Old Church. Member reactions:
could you blend the door picture in a little bit

Funny Gearge Bush Riding a Horse in Church

Gearge Bush Riding a Horse in Church
There are 11 different characters in this chop including one of our fellow choppers. TONY BLAIR: GEORGE W. BUSH WAS NO 'DUMB IDIOT'. Please view full
Member reactions:
OUTSTANDING CHOP . I Love it...looks like a few hours of work went into this
excellent work...i think that the chopper is DesignerKra...maybe...
Looks like u'v used some of this image, nice use of it, Christopher Gilbert is such a brilliant artist. Not too bad yourself
haha awesome design and iboudesign .. that is not me , he is sidkain i guess
Kratos is correct. It is SidKain. I used one of the pics from the forum. You win the prize Kratos.
TEN.................................. One heck of a chop here. OUTSTANDING........
Since when does Stevie Wonder chop on this site.............wait a minute........it's SID KAIN. Love it and exceptional work again my friend.
ayayayaya. this is cool.. lot of fine details.... love it
George W. Bush was a complete idiot, because he was a perfectionist.
You're playing at the new level. Got the cheat codes. Total awesomeness of a chop here.
I can see this chop standing the test of time. I've only given about 3- 10s in 3 years and you just got the 4th. Museum quality
Looks like a AZRainman original-just a guess. Have to admit that this is exceptional. Highest marks.
Rainman... Nahh, this thing was ooozing RW. Rain can do it if he has the extra time and inclination, but RW is developing a signature style in characterizing that is fairly uniquely his. Nice compliment for AZ thoough. 9.407. Dunno if that is a record but it should be. This is hardcore good.
Thanks Hitspinner. I appreciate your kind words. I'm happy with a 9.407 Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment..
Congrats rwpike.. Nice design, and hard work
totally awesome caricaturework RW.Big congrats for a job well done.
RW,, OVER THE TOP... excellent work... congrattts. is that Sid in the back rt...
Thanks all and thanks Pree...it is SidKain. Haven't heard from him...hope he's not mad.
Well...what would I know. I'm no Artist. Congratulations-it was a '10' for me.
Thanks geriatric. I apprecite it very much.

Funny Fireworks over Church at Night

Fireworks over Church at Night
I was doing something else, but Photoshop Crashed on me ... and I lost everything and had to remove and re-install the entire Adobe suite (Wahh.) This is what time allowed me ... please enjoy.
Member reactions:
It's pretty cool. Sorry about the Photoshop issues, and glad they are resolved
. Never did I expect this to rate this high ... I must be getting better at this; less than an hour ... thanks all you voters for the high marks.

Funny Ghost Ship on Lake In Front of Church

Ghost Ship on Lake In Front of Church
Member reactions:
Excellent water reflections. Is that a ghost ship.
I like the water though the ship looks like a toy in this.
yes,i tried to make a toy ship, but i didn't find any good picture
I really like it but the ship needs a reflection, plus the ship needs to lose some transparency

Funny Old man with Sticks Going to Church

Old man with Sticks Going to Church
Member reactions:
Me too. Feels like a great illustration to some fairy tale.
Thanks. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the castle on the hill was Led Zepplin. The man is from their album LED ZEPPLIN IV.
I really liked this one... and now I know why that guy looks so familiar.

Funny Flying Pig Over Church

Flying Pig Over Church
Member reactions:
Things get pretty busy here indeed. Busy world

Funny Haunted Church at Night

Haunted Church at Night

Funny Motocross Bike Riding Near Church

Motocross Bike Riding Near Church

Funny Jesus Staue On Church Hill

Jesus Staue On Church Hill
Member reactions:
I don't understand the Olympic symbol use ....
Nice. The Olympic symbol is here, kanaka, because Rio will host the Olympics in 2016

Funny Green Ghosts in Church

Green Ghosts in Church
(Photos)Cherubs:www.jaenne.com & www.gustavoreynoso.com; Church:freewebphoto.com; Priests:QTLuong/terragalleria.com #isra-10214; Hands:#1123233_praying_hands_-_duotone.
Member reactions:
Clever work. Love the Angels. I am not sure why you chose the negatives of the cactuses and the priest though. Still, impressive.

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