Chow Dog Smoking Cowboy
Chow Dog Smoking Cowboy
Chow Dog Smoking Cowboy. source
Member reactions:
Watta QT
Congrads Slixter, made a lot of real money this week, time to think about a full time job. or just leave a few crumbs in the wastepaper basket, will ya. Keep it up.
dats so coool slixter ... congrats on the silver and keep up your great works ...
It's a freaking tough doggy-cow-boy. It's a hoot.
Silver congrats, Slick. I love the sly wink you gave to this cowboy

Funny Going Bananas at Ms. Chow's Party

Going Bananas at Ms. Chow's Party
Member reactions:
, what RKay said. People are dancing ba-na-na-na-na.

Funny Tiger Chow Food

Tiger Chow Food
Human flavored. (flavor inspired by Roy)
Member reactions:
Congrats canvas. Great concept and clean execution. Nice work.
"Human Flavored".
In the spirit of Vegas (and Elvis)... "Thank you, thank you, thank you very much."

Funny Chow Dog Levitating by the Taj Mahal

Chow Dog Levitating by the Taj Mahal
Member reactions:
I agree, nice chop, but something is bothering me about one of his front paws. Leg looks off. Love that hes levitaging.
Messed with his paws a bit, shouldn't look off anymore....thanks for the tip Sassydeb.
Ohmmm...... Excellent. Love that reflection.
Sweet job. Love the pose and the cloth added. Levitation is a cherry on top. Zen.
, congratulations on a well deserved gold.

Funny Cat and Chow Chow Hybrid

Cat and Chow Chow Hybrid
View full suggested.
Member reactions:
The opacity of the face may be reduced for better vision... its just my opinion.... very cool effect
if the mouses see this picture there will be some panicing
There is something wrong wit the colour

Funny Chow Yun

Chow Yun
Member reactions:
I hate to say it, but I think (s)he's kinda cute...

Funny Chow Dog Teddy Bear

Chow Dog Teddy Bear
Member reactions:
. this cowboy shows the soft spot in his heart now.

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