55 years ago in Kenya was born boy with chip in his back
55 years ago in Kenya was born boy with chip in his back
55 years ago in Kenya was born boy with chip in his back. Chip - Birth Certificate

Funny Two Chips in The Great North Korean body

Two Chips  in The Great North Korean body
Kim has two Chips. McDonald's chip in his stomach and nuclear chip below.

Funny Chip On His Shoulder

Chip On His Shoulder
Chip On His Shoulder = Looks for a fight

Funny Chips Cops in California with a Cow

Chips Cops in California with a Cow
I imagined the chips as police of the far west ... with a nice hat for cowboys. The "COW C.H.I.P.S" I HOPE THAT YOU LIKE THE IDEA. my source images: http://s71.photobucket.com/user/Riccardo_Boscolo_Cegion/media/Untitled-1_zpse3a3e067.jpg.html
Member reactions:
Brilliant, pro work. The unresized view is breathtaking.
I like the sun here, and you played with the lights. Amazing chop.
Excellent work... Yeah, it is a cool idea. I own that same model gun in Ponch's holster. Would know it anywhere. It is a German J.P. Sauer & Sohn, {Montanna Marshal} 44 magnum imported by Hawes firearms. Good choice hahahaah well done.
hidden. I suppose if you have to have a reputation over guns, too many is better than too few. At least some other country won't be getting any silly ideas about invading us At my old home we had a private gun range and would shoot all the time. We have a range in the family but it takes a long time to drive out to the property so I don't get to shoot much. I would think Italy would arm everyone since your country has invaded and has been invaded since the dawn of time, practically . It is an Italian/American tradition here for Italians to own guns Heheheheh. I took a picture of my gun for you. 44 Mag
No words to express how impressive are these caricature.
Wonderful composition and execution, great caricatures and the colors are sweet I don't think that fence is going to hold that giant cow, though Splendid Chopping.
RickyTrek Wins Silver. Congratulations RT-1.
Great chop so congrats on silver Rickytrek1 and good choice with Chip's.
Always brilliant my friend. I will frame this one Congrats on the silver... Take care of my gun hehehe.
A wonderful chop of Chips carictures, Ricky. Congratulations winning the Silver.
Congrats on the Silver, Ricky quite the impressive show of work in this FS.

Funny Shirley Temple Holding All the Chips

Shirley Temple Holding All the Chips
You made us laugh You showed us fun You let us be forever young Thanks Kid. RIP
Member reactions:
Fantastic job on this one, she really was the best.
Love the composition (W.C. Fields) perfect. Quick observation. You have a little OOB going on with the light shade and the green visor.
5hit, great eye. Me fix. TY Splatshot, Hobbit and PJ
I am not sure if cigars and Shirley (especially in her kid years) go together well. Awesome chop otherwise.
TY Elegary. Newsey, Shirley had a knack for getting in trouble while trying to be the big little girl. The cigar is messenger of that idea. I also think it helps deliver the idea that she is cheeky and wise beyond her years as adults always learned a valuable lesson from her by the end of her movies. I think she even tried a cigar in one of her flicks but I could be wrong
Whatever W.C. Fields was smoking that day. She won his last cigar in the Go Fish game
Excellent caricature. I would reduce the cigar dimensions or move more her lips. But it is an opinion.
Congrads on the Silver Cup, Another keeper for screen saver.
Well Conceived Chop. Congratz on the cup Hitz.
Thank you NM, SS, Geriatric, BX, HH, Doc, Ricardo, Rajesh, Luciano, Balodiya, Sulli.
Congrats on the Silver. WOnder if it was those cigars that killed her (ha).

Funny Clownfish and Chips

Clownfish and Chips
Battered Clown'n chips
Member reactions:
Somebody seems to have replaced the mushy peas with a lettuce leaf. Heresy. But nice job all the same
Thanks for your comments Bmore,NewsMaster,and footshot
You ain't right in the head hidden, Love it.
Thanx for the comments Kellie, Tuco how ever did you guess
The clownfish does look well battered. Well done.
Lol, very funny, great idea and it looks pretty real.
This really appeals to my twisted sense of humor, great chop
Great Job penaplonk, Congratulations for the Bronze Cup.

Funny Dyslexic Corn Chips

Dyslexic Corn Chips
DIP into any DIVE
Member reactions:
cute idea, nice reflections. I'd tone their faces down a tad, but this is a clean chop.
if i put in the round chips, do u think it would b gettin a better score. Dip into any dive to see TOO-TITTSS. c'mon, hahahaha tuff room
Like the funny title and the Girl dancing over that table is very funny

Funny Intelli-chip Implant Surgery Blunder For Barack Obama

Intelli-chip Implant Surgery Blunder For Barack Obama
Member reactions:
Zombie voice in the background " Braiiiins Braaaains...." Excellent.
Congratulations. I, now, have my screensaver pic-o'-the-week.
Really excellent chop Funkyman . . . definitely one of my many favorites of yours. I especially love the Michelle figure, and great expressions on both. Oh yeah, Gold Congrats as well.
so THATS why he needs a teleprompter EXCELLENT work I gotta send a copy of this to Mr. Axelrod, The poor man needs a good laugh

Funny Goodbye Mr Chips Steve Jobs

Goodbye Mr Chips Steve Jobs
"We have but faith; we cannot know; For knowledge is of things we see. And yet we trust it comes from thee, A beam in darkness; let it grow".
Member reactions:
Good one. Love the thought process here. Kudos to your head.

Funny Fish & Chips at Royal Wedding

Fish & Chips at Royal Wedding
"Bring your own Fish & Chips... Commemorative Cup and Plastic Utensils are supplied Free of Charge." .
Member reactions:
I really wish they would serve fish & chips ,great piece of work ...
Prince Harry is Kate's real love - someone got fired after this...
"Usual Pommy stuff-up, somebody let Camilla organise the mug printing."
Actually the two of them have been getting away to my house on the weekends.........what a stinking mess. I'm tired of covering for those wankers. NICE JOB.
If this was real with the wrong prince on the cup, it would be worth a fortune. Nice job it looks great.
Theres nothing like chips in Europe .... Great chop .
This was perfect. Gr8 idea...good 2c summin diff & well thought.
Awesome idea and well done, congrats Wiz..

Funny Chip Implants

Chip Implants
Some workers at a company in Wisconsin will soon be getting microchips in order to enter the office, log into computers and even buy a snack or two with just a swipe of the hand. Todd Westby, the CEO of tech company Three Square Market, told ABC News today that of the 80 employees at the company's River Falls headquarters, more than 50 had agreed to get implants. Westby said, however, that participation was not required. The microchip uses RFID -- radio frequency identification -- technology and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2004. It is the size of a grain of rice and will be placed between the thumb and forefinger. Create images of a BODY PART that has technology implanted in some way. IMPORTANT! ONLY SHOW the BODY PART such as an arm, leg, foot, hand or back. If your technology is found somewhere on the face, crop the image to the part of the face that has the technology embedded (such as a cheek, a nose, an eye, or ear). For more on this story Visit This Link

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