Cheap Thrills
Cheap Thrills
Cheap Thrills. Cast members from Star Wars test the new ride.

Funny 50 Cent Selling Cheap Scents

50 Cent Selling Cheap Scents

Funny Cheap Dentist in Mexico

Cheap Dentist in Mexico
Americans are flocking to Mexico for cheap dental work
Member reactions:
HA. Thanks for reminding me of my appointment Monday at the House-of-Pain.
Excellent chop. And great story which must be told. The latest estimate for Joan's root canal and cap. $2800. Estimated time, 3 hours. Poor girl, she has to work 7 weeks to make enough to pay for that. Now let us compare brain surgery Sue happy lawyers....
That toolkit in CowBoys belt is freaking brilliant
Looks like they took the price list from Taco Bell and just changed the "products" That el doctoro looks shady to me. I think I saw him somewhere
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Newsy...el doctoro is very shady.

Funny Catching a Cheap Flight

Catching a Cheap Flight
Member reactions:
Clever work on the apprentice contest source - me likey.

Funny Cheap Doctors in Obama Care

Cheap Doctors in Obama Care
Member reactions:
good message. get your doctor with you to treat yourself
She can examine me and I won't mind I think I'll pas on the Thor dude. He might get some crazy idea with that hammer Great chop

Funny Cheap Japanese Sunglasses

Cheap Japanese Sunglasses

Funny Cheap Phone Operator

Cheap Phone Operator
Member reactions:
Great Idea Freaking News Control Center Nice Idea

Funny Bruce Willis Cheap Face Lift

Bruce Willis Cheap Face Lift
Member reactions:
o_0 The Queen sent out invitations to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding to over 1900 guests. Whilst it is under the 3500 visitors from the wedding ceremony of Princess Diana and Prince Charles in 1981, the cash-strapped British royal family are searching for methods to reduce the costs for the upcoming wedding, especially since the substantial budget slashes by the British Prime Minister David Cameron. The Queen, who is now 84 years old, has worked her entire life and now her cash is running out. To make it all worse the Buckingham Palace roof is leaking, and now she also has to take care of this regal wedding event. The first choice was to create a less expensive wedding ceremony by reducing the amount of visitors from 4000 to 1900. Consequently, numerous global figures such as Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy weren't asked. It makes you wonder in what other ways the Royal family will make the wedding less costly than expected. The use of plastic cutlery has not been reported yet. Show how the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton may become a cheap wedding in one way or another. Help the British royalty by showing the ideas to cut the costs for this wedding. Some examples are - cheapest wedding suit & dress ever, cheap food & entertainers for the wedding, and even some ways to save on sending out the wedding invitations. These are just some ideas for some cheap royal treatment.

Funny Cheap Cars

Cheap Cars
After a year of slow car sales, American and international automakers are looking into cost-cutting technologies and materials to produce cheaper cars and increase the car sales in the difficult economic times. Make cars out of any objects or materials (e.g. household items, vegetables, etc.). Partial or complete car remakes are both acceptable. Many thanks to Nerb for the contest concept.

Funny Cheap Laptops?

Cheap Laptops?
Let's help the MIT and Google design a cheap $100 laptop, and see if it'll meet Gates' expectations.

Funny Cheap Product

Cheap Product
Make any product or item cheap. Use household items, office equipment or any other product that you think could be made "cheaper"!

Funny Cheap PCs

Cheap PCs
What will the low-priced PC and computer look like? Show the sort of new "look" that AOL will create, or what new features and content AOL will have to offer to keep its customers happy.

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