Cheap Flights
Cheap Flights
Cheap Flights. Member reactions:
You gotta see this large. This is radical funny...
hohouse , that was so nice work as always , it's need to full view , keep going friend

Funny Cheap Airline Safety Instructions

Cheap Airline Safety Instructions

Funny Cheap Watch Retirement Gift

Cheap Watch Retirement Gift

Funny Cheap Plane Flight

Cheap Plane Flight
Freakoflot has merged with "Friends of Italian Opera" Airlines. Pilot : "Those people down there look just like ants ." Stewardess : "Those are ants, we haven't taken off yet ."
Member reactions:
yeah there are no more seats...sit with the cargo

Funny Discount Cheap Airlines

Discount Cheap Airlines
Member reactions:

Funny Cheap Cardboard Carton Building

Cheap Cardboard Carton Building
Member reactions:
The walls are so thin, they're JUST like paper...
I almost flagged this one, Cause I didn't see right away what was done Very cool idea
It looks damn real. Makes me wanna touch this building to see if it's real
thx all for your positive comments. this was my first entry, hopefully i'll win something next time
All this needs is a huge video screen to flash pictures of missing children.

Funny Cheap Laptop

Cheap Laptop
Member reactions:
you probally have to position it with the moon light to work

Funny Cheap Furs

Cheap Furs
Don't get mad...I LOVE cats. Just trying to find something "freaky" and funny.
Member reactions:
, did't notice it was a cat at first. Great concept. ...full view for full effect

Funny Cheap Airline

Cheap Airline
'Our planes may not be fully safe, or have all the essential parts, but at least we're cheap.'
Member reactions:
Could also be titled "Half Fare Air" Everything half off.

Funny Bashir Takes Cheap Shot At Deceased

Bashir Takes Cheap Shot At Deceased
Member reactions:
Martin Bashir Plays The Race Card On Margaret Thatcher
Bashir's face is not well merged.... the secondary face is visible and the skin color tone is not matching... Fix if possible

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