George Carlin Biker
George Carlin Biker
George Carlin Biker.

Funny Court Jester George Carlin

Court Jester George Carlin

Funny George Carlin in Heaven

George Carlin in Heaven
Such a funny man. RIP Mr. Carlin.
Member reactions:
Congrats Deb x2 Is it heaven without freedom of expression.
Thanks guys. Yeah Rain, there even seems to be censorship in heaven.
Bronze congratulations, too. Rain & Deb.

Funny Fire Stoker George Carlin

Fire Stoker George Carlin
Member reactions:
the shadow on face dont match on shoulders

Funny George Carlin as Obi Wan Kenobi

George Carlin as Obi Wan Kenobi
George bares a striking resemblance to Obi Wan Kenobi from the original Star Wars trilogy. "Help us Carlin Wan, you're our only hope." R.I.P.
Member reactions:
Love how you blended the face and good choice of facial expression too

Funny George Carlin Cupid Painting

George Carlin Cupid Painting

Funny George Carlin Portrait

George Carlin Portrait
The book appears upside down for advertising purposes

Funny Bacchus George Carlin

Bacchus George Carlin
Sources Thanks for looking.

Funny George Carlin Statue

George Carlin Statue
A take on the George Washington Smithsonian Statue.


R.I.P THE SEVEN DIRTY WORDS "****, ****, ****, ****, **********, ************, and ****, ." *FUNNY... WE STILL CANT SAY THEM,AND AS GEORGE SAID,,ITS NOT THE WORDS THAT ARE BAD,,,, BUT THE INTENT,,,
Member reactions:
We have lost a genuine comic genius and thinker, who made us all think for ourselves and question. He opened doors for so many, and was a real pioneer. He will be missed by so many. Rest in peace now George
Congrats Premie Words are like butterfly wings, and George will be missed.
Gongratulations on the bronze, Pree. George would have loved your work.
thank you,i really loved George Carlin,, he was a brilliant man...
This is a fine piece. I have a confession. I really actually only glibly glanced over this one, I just wasn't ready to say bye to George and looking at this was a direct road there. I so rejected the news I told Joni to shut up about it. Weird. Carlin, was the conscience of his generation, an iracible spirit with a knack for pointing out the "Things that shouldn't be" in life. I am glad you did this chop. I printed it. Congrads on the cup. Tim
ty tim, carlin was one of thoses guys that "get it.",, not that many around...

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