Ansel Adams and camera
Ansel Adams and camera
Ansel Adams and camera. Ansel Adams
Member reactions:
boy he was ahead of his time

Funny Bear Waving to the Camera

Bear Waving to the Camera
Member reactions:
Good chop. Hat shadow looks strange to me.
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. Nice Bearspinner.
Absolutely awesome Hits.Love what you did with the fur and the face.Congrats on the gold
Un-Bearably cool. Grats on one of your best chops
Great caricature idea for the Bear, awesome composite, equals another Gold Cup. Congrats Hits.
Thank you Bob, Champ, Gummy, Andwhat, Elegary, Andrew, Luciano (fixed shadow- thanks) and Nanny
He is simply adorable, congrats on the win.
Gold bear for Hits - congrats. Love this one.

Funny Mona Lisa the Camera

Mona Lisa the Camera
* Gioconda amaranth_metamorphosis immortality Photography .. ...a piece of paper... past, present and future

Funny Child with Grey Hair and a Camera

Child with Grey Hair and a Camera
Member reactions:
Clean work. I would also try to make his eyebrows gray

Funny Woman Posing for the Camera Digital Art

Woman Posing for the Camera Digital Art
I found a picture that I liked so I used it to do this piece of digital art. I especially liked the wall and the shading. digital art.

Funny Pope Francis Drops HIs Camera

Pope Francis Drops HIs Camera

Funny Huge Old Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter Loading Camera

Huge Old Kodak Ball Bearing Shutter Loading Camera
Member reactions:
Ha ha ha genius mind, Giant Film for Sailors

Funny Smart Phone Camera Prototype

Smart Phone Camera Prototype
Camera News

Funny Bionic Eye Camera

Bionic Eye Camera
Operated on a squint
Member reactions:
Good concept of putting a spy camera inside the Iris good idea
Cleaver idea...reminded me Mission Impossible
Thank you everyone for your nice comments
Congrats, Penaplonk for double success in competition.
Google Glass 2.0. Congrats on the wood too, penaplonk.
Hah, and a twofer for you. Don't think I have3 seen two artists hold the top 4 before. Fine chop.

Funny Tiger Woods with No Pants in Camera Interview

Tiger Woods with No Pants in Camera Interview
Tiger Woods smacks his hand on a camera
Member reactions:
Ahh...Tiger's world is falling apart. Nice work.
Nice work, boy has he got skinny legs - I never knew.
... great to see him in this role good caricature and nice attire given to him. good clean job
Mnay thanks Geriatric, Diamonds, Ericnorthend, Rajeshsar glad u like
Thank you so much Unclechamp, Pcr, Boulpix, Geriatric.

Funny Camera Eyes

Camera Eyes
Thanks to the advances in technology, one-eyed filmmaker implanted a tiny camera in his second eye socket - so he can see and film at the same time. This project is called eyeborg and is aimed at helping people who use eye prosthesis. Photoshop celebrities or politicians with photo cameras implanted into their eye sockets. Here's a quick example based on the chop by KeepItReal. You are welcome to use different cameras for different eyes, or use the same ones. Preferably, both eyes should be changed for cameras. Please include celebrity names in either your entry titles or author's comment section.

Funny Antique Camera

Antique Camera
Photoshop this antique-camera image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include merging this antique camera with some objects or animals; placing the antique camera into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras
Create new and unique security and surveillance devices (cameras, microphones, etc.)

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