Scarlett Johansson with Camera Eyes
Scarlett Johansson with Camera Eyes
Scarlett Johansson with Camera Eyes. Member reactions:
...oh Jerry ya a shocker Nice work.
Truly a techno babe. Love how you did the tears.

Funny Snoop Dog Camera Eyes

Snoop Dog Camera Eyes
Booty cam.

Funny Terminator with Camera Eyes

Terminator with Camera Eyes
Member reactions:
Man, he's on fire. Would make a hot Nikon advert

Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger Camera Man

Arnold Schwarzenegger Camera Man
Member reactions:
gimme a freakin break here. HA HA. REALLY NICE.
so nice work maybe this will be the first one
Another great one from one of the FN Masters. Is there a masking error on the gal's head. EDIT: I see now, no.
love the hood lense you chose, I tried to use one but I couldn't get it to look right, nice work. I think the girl is looking through the broken glass Doxie, but who is on the film strip.
To find out who is on the negatives: -Load image into Photoshohop. -Select Image, Adjustments, and Invert. Lazy method, look here.
I did as u said & I think it's Obama, either way this is sheer brilliance, how ya got something so weird to look so good.
Many fine details, but most me loves the film rolling out of his mouth
Well done AZ. I have that same mic. Congrads on the gold
Thank all Note: The lady is Lena Headey from the TV series: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Congratulations on the win, Cyborg-maker.
Congrats. I wanted to ask who the gal was, but because no one else did, I assumed it was 'just' me who wasn't sure who it was. Thanks for supplying the info. Was Kellie right.
nice gold. I was skeptical of Lena playing Sarah at first but she has done Linda Hamilton proud imo.
A regular media machine. So many cool elements in this one. Congrats.
AZRainman, you're the best in FN i wish be a designer like you congrats on win

Funny Camera Man

Camera Man
Member reactions:
rules: Photoshop celebrities or politicians...Please include celebrity names in either your entry titles or author's comment section.Here I would just say it's Christopher Lloyd or Hunter Thompson, I would believe either. fun chop.
it's actually jerrylambert after some bad acid.
could you hook me up. just kidding.
just glad you didn't use that other pic of me, you know the one by the way, when are you returning my shoe vest, it's my favorite. and yes I am a my own head so, but seriously, no one has followed that rule Newsy put in red so I guess it's a resistence now. try putting the rules in flashing banner graphics that scream at us Newsy. oh and I have blue eyes so I know what Jerry rigged means. For those of you who don't, it is German and means built out of spare parts McGuiver style to inject hysteria and panic into the masses.
i'm going with christopher lloyd. thanks for the suggestion jerrylambert. .
Nice one Oldman. It's close to looking like that Doctor whatshisfritz to. Never watch the program so the neame never registered. But it's popular currently. Nicely done and congrads on the Bronze
Congrats Oldman Guess Jerry will be taking some bad acid soon... Reading the comments is half the fun on this entry.
Bronze cyborgs for oldman, congratulations.
awesome bronze for oldman, now what are you looking at swan. get them off of me.. aghh.
Nice job oldman. That doesn't sound like a compliment for some reason. . Bronze congrats.

Funny Dave Navarro Camera Eyes

Dave Navarro Camera Eyes
Member reactions:
Good job, but the shadows from the cameras are a tad overdone I think
wasn't really going for shadows, more like infection

Funny Statue of David with Camera

Statue of David with Camera
Member reactions:
Zoom zoom zoom,yes yes yes... Hhehehehehehe nice one.
Hey, Slick, I checked your site once again and now I have seen video interviews with you - including the one on MTV. You sir rock.
i started updating a flickr page. Check out my freakingnews section for my previous entries

Funny Woman Loses Her Camera at Niagra Falls

Woman Loses Her Camera at Niagra Falls
Member reactions:
Great idea, and I like how you masked the flowing hair.

Funny Watch and Camera Hybrid

Watch and Camera Hybrid
Wouldn't this make a cool watch.
Member reactions:
Oh I like this very much... and I want one.
Yes. can it zoom forward or back in time.
I thought your's was very Attractive too Pegleg. It' hard to find really clean watch parts. Your's came out very clean. Thanks for the comment, I may start a lumber yard.
Congrats pegleg So ultra-clean, it's hard to tell it was even chopped. Theme Music: Could you take my picture. Cuz I wont remember...
Thanks everyone, for all the comments and compliments. I thought there were some very creative entries here.

Funny Statue of David with a Long Lens Camera

Statue of David with a Long Lens Camera
Member reactions:
Nice job, looks like it could have been an actual event, Damn students .
I agree - looks like a real photo - good job.

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