Cameo Appearance
Cameo Appearance
Cameo Appearance. 'Kim Jong-un' makes a sensational appearance at the Rio Olympics
Member reactions:
Congrats on top 5, DeadDog. It was my favorite picture in the contest.
You worked them in beautifully. I was thinking gold for this one but you made it a bit too real. Doesn't look like a chop at all. That is a high compliment
Guess I should have posted my 5 sources, next time I won't clean my edges😂

Funny Edgar Allen Poe Cameo

Edgar Allen Poe Cameo
Member reactions:
Face looks GREAT. I wish the cameo was a higher rez.
Good one. Love the caricature style Poe you have chosen

Funny Statues on Cameo Pendants

Statues on Cameo Pendants

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