Democrats with their voters in California
Democrats with their voters in California
Democrats with their voters in California. Member reactions:
Thank you, Ladies, but it is only your opinion from all voters in the contest.
This one is great with a little bit more attention it could have been easy in top 4
are you kidding me.

Funny Hotel California

Hotel California
Glenn Frey and Joe Walsh of the Eagles

Funny Trump Courts California

Trump Courts California
Trump Courts Ca Trump identifies with blacks and latinos
Member reactions:
Oh my God, this is so cute, congrats on the win, funny thing is, I could see him doing this.
Congrats on the double, Hits.great satire.
Strangely, that's the best he's looked in years. Love the gray fro and fro comb. hehe

Funny Hotel California Freaks

Hotel California Freaks
Such a lovely place. More impressive in large format
Member reactions:
Conggrats on the Gold Hitspinner. Great imagination,and color scheme.
Congrats on the win, this is one of the BEST I've seen, the faces with just mouths are fantastic, Love it.
Thanks Bob, thanks Hobbit. Just trying to add some entertainment to the site and put a few bucks in the tank
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. Another Masterpiece.
congratssss Hits... Nice and creepy
Makes me think of Carrol's "Alice in Wonderland" too Splendid work, congrats on the gold.
Excellent job, creative and impressive . Gold congrats, Hitspinner . I always admire your works .
Thank you Andrew, Pree, Newsy and Sunshine

Funny Heidi Klum Makes a Snowman in California

Heidi Klum Makes a Snowman in California
California experiences very cold weather
Member reactions:
Flip flops

Funny California Sea Lion Painting Barack Obama

California Sea Lion Painting Barack Obama
California Sea Lions show off their artistic skills
Member reactions:
Thanks, sai, swash, balodiya and luciano.
Barack the seal.

Funny California Man Finds A Huge Gold Nugget

California Man Finds A Huge Gold Nugget
A California man found a huge gold nugget worth $350,000 The man has refused to give his name or say where he found it. But, we know who he is and where he is, don't we.
Member reactions:
My O My what a really handsome guy. Hahahahaha. 350K nugget. Holy moly, outstanding. The biggest I ever saw a guy pull out of the San Gabriel river was a little bigger than a silver dollar and about 3x as thick. Excellent chop, GL
Nice Research done. Good to see the spots on his legs.
Good find of treasure.... so some are still lying in that gold mine . good work and well composed according to the story
Is there a map of the place,or cohordinates or is it possible to trace his cell via gps .
Congratulations on the gold. I am assuming you won. We have a little glitch going on in the next contest. Well done Doc hehe
Golden nugget wins the contest. Coincidence or pure magic. Congrats on the win, Paul - excellent work.

Funny Photoshopper Earns a Living In California

Photoshopper Earns a Living In California
PSMandrake will soon be living in California - quite a change from Italy, I would think.
Member reactions:
, a really excellently done chop, Doc. Actually looks like his style..... Bronze congrats. Yeah, I expect some culture shock is in the lad's future hehehe. Remind him we don't wear ties, everybody owns a gun even if they say they don't and all California girls are Big welcome to a most desired addition to the American family.
Thanks, everyone. I'll be sure to tell him when I see him, Tim.
Thanks, Andrew, hobbit, its420 and lucido.

Funny California Drought Worsens

California Drought Worsens
With no rain, the California drought has really worsened
Member reactions:
Her doctor told her - don't sit on the sun too much, or your FreakingNews ship will never come.
Quality stuff Good to see the costume still existing..
Awesome chop. Big ship should be fully in light
Good point, luciano. Thanks for reminding me.
This is awesome way of representing the news link the corps with undergarments and the ship weraked in the sea without water is amazing good one
One of your best ever. This one is a beauty. Big congrats, Doc
Thanks, Jim. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, Gummy. Thanks, G-Man.

Funny Chips Cops in California with a Cow

Chips Cops in California with a Cow
I imagined the chips as police of the far west ... with a nice hat for cowboys. The "COW C.H.I.P.S" I HOPE THAT YOU LIKE THE IDEA. my source images:
Member reactions:
Brilliant, pro work. The unresized view is breathtaking.
I like the sun here, and you played with the lights. Amazing chop.
Excellent work... Yeah, it is a cool idea. I own that same model gun in Ponch's holster. Would know it anywhere. It is a German J.P. Sauer & Sohn, {Montanna Marshal} 44 magnum imported by Hawes firearms. Good choice hahahaah well done.
hidden. I suppose if you have to have a reputation over guns, too many is better than too few. At least some other country won't be getting any silly ideas about invading us At my old home we had a private gun range and would shoot all the time. We have a range in the family but it takes a long time to drive out to the property so I don't get to shoot much. I would think Italy would arm everyone since your country has invaded and has been invaded since the dawn of time, practically . It is an Italian/American tradition here for Italians to own guns Heheheheh. I took a picture of my gun for you. 44 Mag
No words to express how impressive are these caricature.
Wonderful composition and execution, great caricatures and the colors are sweet I don't think that fence is going to hold that giant cow, though Splendid Chopping.
RickyTrek Wins Silver. Congratulations RT-1.
Great chop so congrats on silver Rickytrek1 and good choice with Chip's.
Always brilliant my friend. I will frame this one Congrats on the silver... Take care of my gun hehehe.
A wonderful chop of Chips carictures, Ricky. Congratulations winning the Silver.
Congrats on the Silver, Ricky quite the impressive show of work in this FS.

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