Ben Affleck Arrested at Blackjack Table
Ben Affleck Arrested at Blackjack Table
Ben Affleck Arrested at Blackjack Table. Ben Affleck Reportedly Banned from Blackjack Table at Las Vegas Casino
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Apparently Affleck used money and/or chips on the table to keep track of car counting in the several card decks. Well they banned him for life
Luciano, you are a pro. Hidden cards are funny and 5 aces, yep, that will get you thrown out of any card game

Funny Margaritaville's Outdoor Blackjack

Margaritaville's Outdoor Blackjack
Margaritville let's the Blackjack Games Begin Outdoors. News Link, 6/7/13: Margaritaville Debuts Outdoor Blackjack Tables Stock Images Large Image View
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"Thank you, thank you very much" Elvis Playing Card Source: Mellowmint
I'll come back and look at this one later. Right now it's way to early to start drinking and if I look at this pic much longer I'm gonna have to go make me a margarita or 3.
SplatShot, Congratulations on the Bronze... ; )
Thank you Wanderer, Paul, Bmore and all.
Hah, I recognize this style. Happens to be so boss. God, I wish I was there and that sir is a sign you really did your job well. Primo.
Thanx Geri . Super kudos from a super artist. Thanks Hit-man. I feel what your saying about being there....the white foamy froth breaking there on the shore line kinda makes your mouth water, doesn't it.
Nice job Slapshot.. congrats on the Bronze..

Funny George Bush Playing BlackJack

George Bush Playing BlackJack
He Lost The Farm On One Hand.
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Love his facial expression and chosen cards.

Funny Tony Blair Playing Blackjack

Tony Blair Playing Blackjack
First Thing....Las Vegas...
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Tony hits the jackpot. Blair probably has a lot of time to play after his retirement.

Funny Jack Black Blackjack

Jack Black Blackjack
name say it all
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clean work mrraccon welcome to Freaking news

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