Adam Gives Eve a Blackberry
Adam Gives Eve a Blackberry
Adam Gives Eve a Blackberry.

Funny Blackberry Tablet

Blackberry Tablet
Blackberry may introduce the anticipated Tablet next week

Funny Ferrari and Blackberry Advert

Ferrari and Blackberry Advert
picture of promotion
Member reactions:
hahaha, nice idea, but if in english language more funnies. okey i will try translated for other, it is the pic about coupon of sales, if buy 50.000IDR can have chance to win blackberry, rice cooker and ferrari car... so funny, hidden.

Funny Barack Obama with his Blackberry

Barack Obama with his Blackberry

Funny Jesus on his Blackberry

Jesus on his Blackberry
Member reactions:
Pretty. I wonder if the phone is a tiny bit warped.

Funny Blackberry in Tokyo

Blackberry in Tokyo
Blackberry arrives in Tokyo

Funny Blackberry

Harry decides to rake in the advertising bucks.
Member reactions:
Actually, I've no idea - I've not seen the shows. B

Funny Blackberry Jelly

Blackberry Jelly
Member reactions:
I could only make one sentence with them words there: "Freaking News is my mom, see."

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