bird dog
bird dog
bird dog. Member reactions:
That's a dird. My run this contest again.

Funny bunny bird

bunny bird
Member reactions:
thanks guys. Gummy the legs and water are the only original bit . if you expand the issue for me I will have a play around with it though buddy. cheers
there we go.
yes Gummy I zoomed in on the original and spotted it. will get it sorted . cheers
thanks guys, and cheers Gummy for the advice mate

Funny Flee The Bird

Flee The Bird
Member reactions:
Dang good time to run... OO Thanks for the pic, D.

Funny Bird Surfer

Bird Surfer

Funny Bird Man

Bird Man
Member reactions:

Funny Bird Droppings

Bird Droppings
Member reactions:
One of my Favs, in a contest full of great entries. Awesome job Hits.
Ha. ...Doesn't get much better than this. Go Figure.
what do they say about horses Thanks mate

Funny creepy bird

creepy bird
Member reactions:
Thanks luciano and Hits. I like to do pics that make me smile

Funny Angry Bird

Angry Bird

Funny Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey
bird lands on Bernie's podium during rally Stark contrast between the candidate's reaction to Bernie's bird. Please zoom in to see the details. a making of: link
Member reactions:
, Bernie looks humble with his bird while the other two look like idiots.

Funny Giant Dead Bird on the Beach

Giant Dead Bird on the Beach

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