Air Apocolypse n Beijing
Air Apocolypse n Beijing
Air Apocolypse n Beijing. Airpocalypse Beijing
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Tunning with masks is a real challenge. But running with a bunch of cigarettes in your mouth is even a bigger challenge. Thanks for the show, Hidden

Funny Barack Obama on the Road to Beijing

Barack Obama on the Road to Beijing
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This looks like my family giving me directions.
I was thinking the same thing as geriatric, but now I want some popcorn.

Funny Olympic Road Sign in Beijing

Olympic Road Sign in Beijing

Funny Obama in Beijing Reunion Movie

Obama in Beijing Reunion Movie
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very good. gettin' tech with the credits..
Congrats on your triple win AZ. The colors in this one are awesome.
:) great work congrats on the gold rain..
Thanks all Hope things pick up soon...seems kinds of slow of late.
Another trophy to add to the mantle...6 to go & ya gonna be #1 WooHoo I can't wait.

Funny Dalai Lama in Beijing

Dalai Lama in Beijing
Global Protests
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Beautiful, especially the olympic torch burning as the sun.
Congrats lesmack. Azrainman feel to this chop. great work.

Funny Protesters at Beijing Olympics

Protesters at Beijing Olympics
Don't streak, get drunk ,protest or sleep outside at the Olympics I added the haze on purpose, the source was clean.
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This chop is good and has an interesting story link. I'm glad you mentioned the haze, brings out another problem they are having in Beijing (the birthplace of Peking Duck, I believe). I'm glad to see the beggar could make the scene. Party Pants. I particularly like the paragraph in the linked story: "A battery of surface-to-air missile launchers are being deployed around the showpiece sites."
I saw on the news that the smog has been removed for the duration of the Olympics, the air was almost crystal clear.
They probably photoshopped a clear sky just to trick us.
Great satire here. Love how you used some apprentice contest sources

Funny Freddie Mercury Wearing a Beijing Stadium Hat

Freddie Mercury Wearing a Beijing Stadium Hat
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Gawd Freddy was a nutty freak, but he could bloody sing.

Funny Beijing Olympic Podium Butts

Beijing Olympic Podium Butts

Funny Beijing Olympic Medals

Beijing Olympic Medals
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This is really clever idea, nicely done too.
Good one.(could you imagine hanging that around your neck)
Congrats MrMo2 Great imagination and style.
Mr Mo is on a roll. Congratulations on the bronze.

Funny 2008 Beijing Olympic Medals

2008 Beijing Olympic Medals
Member reactions:
Cool. A bigger full view would be better.
Silver Medal goes to Canvas these Olympics. Congratulations.
Careful With your silver Medal, It may contain lead as well... Good thinking.
The lead-laden medals will only be given to American athletes who place in the top three - and Mattel will apologize to China.

Funny 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

2008 Beijing Olympic Games
Given the current riots in Tibet, China, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are under big question. They will either be held with big restrictions, or canceled altogether if most countries boycott the games in the light of the violent actions from Chinese government to stop the Tibet riots. China's Communist Party warned that it will censor and ban any mass media from broadcasting the Olympic Games if any negative facts about China - including the recent riots - are broadcasted along the footage of the Olympic Games. Photoshop anything connected to 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the light of the recent events. Some examples are: designing a logo or poster for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, show how magazine articles and TV footage will be censored, photoshop games controlled by Chinese troops, etc.

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