Alien Autopsy
Alien Autopsy
Alien Autopsy. Member reactions:
Interesting concept but strange texture and a bit blurry.

Funny Perfoming an Autopsy in the Dark

Perfoming an Autopsy in the Dark
Anatomy of the heart by enrique simonet

Funny The Autopsy by Candle Light

The Autopsy by Candle Light
Member reactions:
Very intimate and needful at situation like that

Funny Body Stolen From Rembrandt's Autopsy Painting

Body Stolen From Rembrandt's Autopsy Painting
Member reactions:
Well merged... like the persons peeping towards him good mix

Funny Dr House Performing an Autopsy by Rembrandt

Dr House Performing an Autopsy by Rembrandt
Ether Addict
Member reactions:
This is historical/hysterical. Perfect blend too
Seems all of them are ready for the photoshot ha ha very nice
Its taken from the Classic surgery art well done to implement in this contest good job
A masterful job of matching the background. Excellent work
Thanks to everyone for the votes and for your support.
Very well done, I think it should have placed in the top 3 if not first. For what it's worth, Congrats from me.

Funny Shakira Performing an Alien Autopsy

Shakira Performing an Alien Autopsy
alien autopsy by shakira please view full
Member reactions:
Grrrrrr.. Instead of birthday cake.. she got this, and nice cut
Now here's a side of Shakira I've never seen before.
Great idea to celebrate the day like this, something new should be done this day ... Nice work seen on the alien's lighting focus and freaky eye
Horribly compelling, I was half afraid to look too closely.

Funny The Alien Autopsy

The Alien Autopsy
Member reactions:
nice job adding some source pics would be nicer, to see what's going on this chop ...
Good job on turning the body into an alien and funny how you changed the gun into a ray gun

Funny American Autopsy Painting

American Autopsy Painting
Full view actually lets you see the the details. Horizontal pics are a challange to see.
Member reactions:
Love how you did the guy on the table. I would decrease the sharpness, and contrast on Uncle Sam.

Funny Alien Autopsy

Alien Autopsy

Funny Alien Autopsy by Rembrandt

Alien Autopsy by Rembrandt
Original Painting
Member reactions:
Right on. Really nice work on this one.. .
Allan, I had read the themepost a bit different...chop evidence of UFO. Thought what could be more evident of a UFO than an alien itself. But, I added one per your suggestion. Thanks.
This is such a fantastic work in many regards. Looks really professional to the extent that Rembrandt could have painted it himself.
I keep coming back to this & like it more each time. Brilliant,clean, with a dash of humor... recipe of a masterpiece.
Congratulations Sassydeb on a well deserved Gold.
. I'm so glad you all liked this picture as much as I did. Thank you for your comments and the congrats. I had a blast doing this one.

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