Funny Anna Sophia Robb bearded

Anna Sophia Robb bearded
Maybe this "Octobeard" (or "beardtober") thing is going out of control...
Member reactions:
Great blending, it looks very natural . The best bearded girl in this contest.

Funny Hairy Anna Sophia Robb

Hairy Anna Sophia Robb

Funny Anna Schmiedlova Afraid of Fire

Anna Schmiedlova Afraid of Fire
Anna Schmiedlova a pro Slovak tennis player. 19 years of age. Seems she has issues with fire. Pyrophobia When I saw these pictures saved together in my Misc. Folder, I just knew they were meant to be together. Source Images
Member reactions:
Lovely expression and Power full eyes for firing....
Match reflecting in her eyes add to realism
Thanks Geri, Eric, Uncle-C, Ele, and Lu. For me it was the challenge of removing the tennis ball, working the skin texture, shadows/highlights, and the flame. I liked the way it turned out, just thought I would share it.
Perfect "match" of the sources. I love how you made the flame reflections in here eyes. Can you say she's scared as heck.
Thanks Newsy. She's really a very cute girl. Just extremely expressive as she's striking a tennis ball. Makes me wonder what I look like as I'm striking the racquetball
Much appreciated, my friend Lucido. Thanks. It's mostly just slight of hand

Funny Bearded Anna Kendrick

Bearded Anna Kendrick
Member reactions:
Hahaha, she reminds me a wealthy Indian man from the 80s Indian movies.
Could be even a teutonic girl holding a big glass of beer (not visible)

Funny Putin with Mila Kunis and Anna Kournikova

Putin with Mila Kunis and Anna Kournikova
First it was Crimea. Could Mila Kunis and Anna Kournikova be next.
Member reactions:
I think I had a small car like this when I was a kid Word is Putin is involved with Russian gymnast Alina Kabaeva (but he may be taking these two babes for a ride too )
Tried to sneak another one in, eh. Well it is a goodie... could have happened.

Funny Edward Snowden and Anna Chapman with Vladimir Putin

Edward Snowden and Anna Chapman with Vladimir Putin
Edward Snowden Receives Twitter Proposal From Russian Ex-Spy Anna Chapman
Member reactions:
Awesome caricature done on all the characters shown here great job and lovely proposal given
Fabolous Nice way to propose Awesome job. Best of luck
Congrads on the Bronze cup. another good one.
Good cup catch, Gugu and some really fun choppage
Congratulations. Looks like we have a rising FN *star* here referencing your recent entries & wins.
Thank you very much my friends. I really appreciate it ... ...

Funny Vladimir Putin And Anna Kournikova Marry

Vladimir Putin And Anna Kournikova Marry
I'd be drooling too if she was my bride.
Member reactions:
I like very much this one, great blending and he has the perfect look . I would'nt include the tongue though, but tha's me...
Freaking tongue out.... and well imprint of both the names on the cake looks real
Love the Tongue. I'll bet he can play a Harmonica like a Pro.
This is great, Putin has lost all self control, and Anna looks like she approves of the tongue.
Congratulations winning the silver pcrdds, great piece.

Funny Howard K. Stern & Anna Nicole Smith

Howard K. Stern & Anna Nicole Smith
Howard K. Stern news article
Member reactions:
brilliant, as is the colours... also "andwhat" aint seen u lerking to much lately
Congrads Pree, This was my favorite and now you are up there with the big boys and girls, or as the song goes " you have come a long way baby".
that sneaky ba$tard that claimed he's the father of Anna Nicole's baby... all for the money. Now it turns out he got drugs for her too. Awesome chop, shedding satirical light on what really happened. Too bad the lawyers and docs feed celebs drugs nowadays...
wonderful chop, an absolute eye treat, and who else would do a Stern chop love it
thanks everyone..,,its true newsy ,,,sad that she didnt get the right kind of help.. ..ppl do things for selfish reasons i guess
haha, awesome entry preem..well deserved win...proud to be up here with you...
Congrats Premie You're on a roll now, where this pic buys lunch.
Pree, two golds back to back. Congrats and keep up the awsome work, you're doin great...

Funny Anna Chapman and Vladimir Putin in Get Smart

Anna Chapman and Vladimir Putin in Get Smart
The "Cold War" never got cold. The great Putin and his beauty spy in trouble.
Member reactions:
Good call remaking the movie with Anna Chapman and Putin.

Funny Anna Nicole Smith's Baby

Anna Nicole Smith's Baby
[ Anna Nicole Smith is being sued for paternity test by someone called Larry Birkhead, a photographer and Smith's ex boyfriend, who claims he's the biological father of Anna Nicole Smith's newborn daughter. Larry Birkhead's statement and lawsuit came right after Smith's lawyer and current boyfriend Howard K. Stern announced that he was the father of Smith's newborn daughter. ] You know, it's becoming popular to be Smith's baby father these days. First her lawyer, then this Mr. nobody Larry Clown Birkhead say they're the bio-daddies. God knows who's the next in line claiming the father's rights, but I am sick of all this and think it's time the world knows the truth - I am the true biological father of Anna Nicole Smith's newborn baby. And it just makes me laugh how these clowns Stern and Birkhead try to claim the fathership, because it's obvious for everybody that, given the timing of the events, I am the proud biological father. So, let them make fools of themselves, while I file a lawsuit for father's rights and child support. And you're dead ass wrong if you think it's about the million dollar child support I will get. It's about my child whom I care for and whom I don't want to lose. BTW, was it a boy or a girl, I forgot? This is quite a broad-direction contest where you are asked to photoshop anything related to the Anna Nicole's Smith baby fathership case -- e.g. who's the real father, legal letters, case-related discoveries, magazine covers, etc.

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