Obama as a Boy's Ambition
Obama as a Boy's Ambition
Obama as a Boy's Ambition. Member reactions:
Is the young boy Obama. "Dream would be to distroy America".
.I thought this at first was a take off of Cheech and Chongs " Up In Smokew "
Great work, but I can't wait until this Turkey is gone, can I use Turkey without being racist. Call Attackwatch.
hobbit90, Many thanks guys
Nice work but, I'd rather have Cassius Clay (M. Ali) as a role model.
Dreams were only to be dared to achieve success. Good message
Everyone deserves a dream, well put together.
This is very FN style chop. Mr. Black, you rule.

Funny Olympic Sporting Ambition

Olympic Sporting Ambition
Member reactions:
Superb. Now, where's he touching that girl, you naughty boy.
I like the "graffiti" LoL Someone's going 4 Gold Gr8 wk
Great work , I noted that too Newsy , what about this words ( Funkwood was here ) . you mean he will stole that cup .
........... ........... ........... (translation: JERE2, JERE2, JERE2)
Another great chop. Luv all the super details.
, the Funkwood prophecy came true. Wood congrats, too, Jere.
Oh , I missed the "funkwood was here" bit.....hahaha....awesome.
jeremix great work i love your style. congrats
oops i thought I commented on this, Congrats jeremix, very clean chop mate.

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