Funny Aliens Among Us

Aliens Among Us
Aliens Among Us, I knew it all the time...
Member reactions:
If you'd like some pointers on how to improve the mask like quality to the discarded trump face, you might enjoy a tutorial I wrote a few years back on (Sadly defunct) I can see you were inspired by it. tutorial
Yes that's exactly where I got the idea.. thanks.. still got a lot to learn.

Funny Clowns and Aliens

Clowns and Aliens
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Maybe., gummy and crafty he is quite sinister,yet loveable
Freaky.... Love the sphynx cat. He's sort of the straight man to this flakey caper.
Make it perfect adding a shadow under the hat.
Great Image, Debbie. Trophy Material in my book.
Thanks Splat,that means a lot to me.Thanks Luciano,UC and Gummy

Funny Alien

Member reactions:
you had lots of good ones in this contest Congrads, my favorite.
Luciano, a lot of excellent pictures in contest from you.

Funny Aliens Exist

Aliens Exist
Scientists: Why Aliens Definitely Exist
Member reactions:
Thank you very much, Hobbit. It started out pretty simple and just kept growing. Thanks Bob.
Silver congrats, Splat. Getting nicely alienated, I see.
Thanks Jere, and Newsy. Yes, help... I'm being alienated via reverse osmosis.

Funny Prince Charles and The Alien

Prince Charles and The Alien
Member reactions:
Amazing how little room for error there is in these contests. It is a wonderful effort just needed 2 more minutes of cloning or sampling to fill in that upper lip area. However on another item, the contrast and texture control is splendid...

Funny Alien Easter

Alien Easter

Funny Avatar 2 Illegal Alien

Avatar 2 Illegal Alien

Funny Green Alien Invader

Green Alien Invader

Funny Alien Day

Alien Day

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