2013 Liar of the Year Barack Obama
2013 Liar of the Year Barack Obama
2013 Liar of the Year Barack Obama. Top 10 Lies of the Year If you like your Doctor, Insurance, Gun, Ambassador, Privacy, Free Speech, Constitution, Bank Account, Uranium Enrichment Program, Demilitarized Zone, You can Keep Them. (Well may be).
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Funny Merry Christmas 2013 Digital Art

Merry Christmas 2013 Digital Art
Merry Christmas to all at Freaking News. digital art

Funny Miley Cyrus Person of the Year 2013

Miley Cyrus Person of the Year 2013
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ha ha like the toes and the hands of little Cyrus
He face looks like some kind of elf, I like it.
I want to thank you for the comment. I am glad that you won your approval. Thanks again very much, geriatric, rajeshstar and Newsy. I tried to bring out a pretty funny caricature images and it really is like a Blood Elf.

Funny Disney World 2013 by Magritte

Disney World 2013 by Magritte
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I know the couple behind they are Putin and Hilary

Funny Asma, Bashar and Vlad P. Summer 2013

Asma, Bashar and Vlad P. Summer 2013
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U r genius hidden, Conceptual use of source with dramatic representation of what is happening.. I like it. There placement with quality and smooth finishing is very cool, nice work with putting hats suits very much to every one. And it surreal
Thank you eric . This picture make me myself
Super clean chop, Armatien. I agree, looks real

Funny Hitchcok's The Birds 2013 Remake

Hitchcok's The Birds 2013 Remake
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Every morning I wake-up to a thousand Blackbirds crapping & squawking near my residence. I want to light-up the tree, they roost in, like we (my fellow Vets)did at Pleiku ABRVN on one cool July 4th evening. A full arsenal of heavy & light weapons and a lone tree as the target. Your chop just gouged a Flashback from my previous, collective-events memory. Clean & simple; nice work.

Funny Aerowsmith Still Kicking Tour 2013

Aerowsmith Still Kicking Tour 2013
One of my all time favorite bands.
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Yeah they still kick...just a little bit lower now.
Nice caricature... and all are looks like a rock star
Nicely done, hidden if that's my hometown of Boston in the background at wintertime, they better throw on a few more layers of clothing Lol

Funny Nemo 2013 Ice Age

Nemo 2013 Ice Age
Out of a blizzard came a city ready to embrace the new ice age.

Funny Obama's Pimp my Inauguration 2013

Obama's Pimp my Inauguration 2013
Spending 200 Million on his Inauguration, Obama must think money falls from the sky....
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Lovely.... Money Money every where.... I can see all the money spending for his own good... Michael and Biden were very happy to see this good job in putting the currency flying on the air to show money falls from the sky
Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it very much.

Funny Obama Inauguration 2013

Obama Inauguration 2013
Lawn Banquet..(Just saving some money for the Commander in Chief Retirement Fund)
Member reactions:
Successfully got all the Money in his wardrobe everybody who brought this money were busy eating
Ha ha ha ha now this is it Finally you have shown the reality behind the scene Good work hidden
Superb use of the past source photo. Congrats on the silver, Mundo. Welcome back.

Funny 2013 Year in Pictures

2013 Year in Pictures
Every weekend we have a Freaking News of the Week (Week in Pictures) contest. But this week it's time for the grand yearly contest where we ask you to create images of anything that happened in the news during the year 2013. You can pick the notable events, or any other interesting news which others may or may not have heard. Here's to good news in 2014 - let it bring health, prosperity, and lots of blessings to you and your families! Year in Pictures contest has double jackpots: 1st place: $10, 2nd place: $6, 3rd place: $4, 4th place: $2. In the Creator's Comments, it is mandatory to link to a news story. You should use this format to make a link: [URL="http://www.SomeNewsLink.com"]news title[/URL] Keep the BLACK as is, replace GREEN with the link, and replace the RED with the news story title.

Funny Monet 2013

Monet 2013
This Thursday the artistic world will celebrate the 172nd birthday of Claude Monet - the founder of Impressionist movement in art. The term "impressionism" is inherited from the title of Monet's painting "Impression, Sunrise". Photoshop any painting by Claude Monet to include some modern elements in it. Think of product placements, celebrities, modern architecture, and even sci-fi features, etc. and show how Monet paintings would be different if he painted them in the modern days.

Funny Vermeer 2013

Vermeer 2013
October 31 marked not just another Halloween, but also the 381st birthday of Jan Vermeer - one of the greatest artists of the Dutch Golden Age - the author of "Girl with a Pearl Earring", "Milkmaid", "A Lady Writing a Letter", "The Astronomer", and numerous paintings of domestic ordinary life. Sadly, great fame came to Vermeer's paintings long after his death. Show how works by Jan Vermeer would look if he created them these days. Show his modernized work created simply for art (celebrity portraits, etc.), or for commercial purposes (advertising, political campaigns, etc.). These are just some ideas.

Funny Warhol 2013

Warhol 2013
This Tuesday is the 85th birthday of the "father of pop-art" Andy Warhol. Andrew Warhola (his real name) was an American with Slovak roots and worked as advertisement illustrator for Vogue and other magazines, before becoming famous. Andy coined the phrase "15 minutes of fame", but there's a rumor that he was dyslexic and he really meant 51 minutes :) To celebrate the 85th birthday of Andy Warhol, take any photo or art work (painting, sketch, illustration), and turn it into Warhol-like pop art. Alternatively, blend any art work with Warhol's art.

Funny Degas 2013

Degas 2013
This Friday is the 179th birthday of one of the most famous French artists - Edgar Degas. He is regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism, even though he more preferred to be called a realist. Degas started painting seriously very early in his life. Obsessed with painting, he turned his room into an artist studio by the age of 18. His father - a wealthy French banker - was originally against Edgar's love for art and wanted him to become a lawyer instead. At the age of 21, Degas dropped out of Law school and went to Italy for three years where he copied the works of Michelangelo, Raphael and Titian. Degas talent flourished under the guidance of his first teacher Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, whose first advice to Edgar was "draw lines, young man, many lines..." To celebrate the 179th birthday of Edgar Degas, show how his paintings would be different if he created them nowadays - e.g. including modern elements in his works, making them promote and endorse products and services, including celebrities and politicians in his art, hiring Degas to do movie posters, etc.

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