Nerdy Bill Learning Gynecology
Nerdy Bill Learning Gynecology
Nerdy Bill Learning Gynecology. Member reactions:
Cervix spreaders..... Yikes hahahahahah This ia a nerd done perfectly

Funny Nerdy Mad Scientist Hillary

Nerdy Mad Scientist Hillary
Member reactions:
Face color does not match her hand. Good Chop.
Hahahahahaahah, now that is beyond nerd and entering....something far, far stranger. .

Funny Mike 'Nerdy' Tyson

Mike 'Nerdy' Tyson
Member reactions:
Hahah a kids abacus. Funny. It does look like the real thing

Funny Nerdy Donald Trump

Nerdy Donald Trump

Funny The Nerdy President

The Nerdy President

Funny Nerdy Depp

Nerdy Depp
Too cool even for Nerddom

Funny Nerdy Jon Voight

Nerdy Jon Voight

Funny Girl Wearing Nerdy Eye Glasses

Girl Wearing Nerdy Eye Glasses
Member reactions:
Her actual eyes behind the glasses look misplaced.....
I moved the eyes down. It's the dreaded eyeballis dislocatus disease, caused from glasses slipping down on the nose too often and not pushing them up.

Funny Nerdy Adrienne Brody

Nerdy Adrienne Brody

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