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Freaking News GUIDELINES

What can not be used in an entry?

  • Any material that is not Safe For Work. If you can not show your creation to your co-workers we don't want it.
  • Images with total surface less than 400,000 square pixels. To check whether your image qualifies, simply multiply image height by image width - e.g. image with size 800 pixels by 500 pixels still qualifies, as it's surface 800x500=400,000 square pixels. Keep in mind that the smaller the image, the lower its detail quality is and thus you are strongly encouraged to submit larger images. We allow up to 500 KB file size for submissions which leaves plenty of room for larger images. The "full view" version of your submission will feature image of 1000 pixels wide, so we naturally encourage our users to submit larger images. Our system will automatically resize them and make two versions of it - for contest view (800 pixels wide), and full view (1000 pixels wide).
  • Low resolution images (blurry or pixelated). Such images are considered low qualiity images and are hard to look at - they are usually the result of picking low-resolution sources. So finding good sources is a paramount step in your entry.
  • Any reference to Nazis and Hitler.
  • Low quality entries that took very little effort.
  • Entries that are off-theme (do not follow the contest directions).
  • Resubmits of your previous entries from FN contests.
  • We no longer accept images that were entered on any other Photoshop contest site.
  • Copyrighted images. (Including entries that weren't made by you)
  • Images that include obscene gestures, e.g., the bird, the finger, et alia.
  • Entries made entirely with 3D rendering programs are also not allowed.
  • Composing an entry consisting mainly of a previously used entry or photoshopped components of a previously used entry may be grounds for disqualification.
  • Entries using any of Norman Rockwell illustrations are not allowed as they are protected by copyright laws.

Voting Guidelines

Voting scale (1 being the lowest, and 10 being the highest):
  1. If the entry is so bad it deserves a 1, it should be flagged and removed from Freaking News.
  2. An entry that is horrible too, and should also be removed. EXAMPLE: Horrible layer masking with jagged edges. No blending effort whatsoever.
  3. Not horrible but definitely below average. Needs an extra hour to fix the obvious editing mistakes.
  4. Extra 15 minutes of work on this entry could have made it a good one. It was probably a quickie where the author forgot to fix some things and submitted it in a rush.
  5. Mediocre entry. Not too bad, but not yet good.
  6. Slightly better than average.
  7. Decent entry, much better than average. Strong idea and execution.
  8. Great idea and clean execution technique.
  9. Genuis idea and extraordinary execution - something you may expect to see in magazines and media.
  10. Perfect entry in every possible way, professionally done. One of the best entries I've seen on the site.

What type of comments are disallowed on entries and in the forums?

Any comments where other members are attacked and teated with disrespect. Such behavior usually results in a couple of warnings from admins, followed by account deactivation if nothing changes. Please note that we are a big community of international artists coming from different cultures. You are welcome to discuss any topics as long as you show respect to the views of other members.

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