Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse. Member reactions:
Nice work, Hobbit. "Zombie Santa" He deserved what he got... Congrats on another cup.
Hahahahaha good one and congrats on the cup

Funny The Zombie Horse of Varengeville

The Zombie Horse of Varengeville
The Church at Varengeville
Member reactions:
Congrads on the Silver cup. Well done but it cost me a nickle, liked the other horse better.
Thanks, HH. I like the Unicorn Too. He makes me laugh.
Good looking Zombie, Congrats on your pic SplatShot.
Love this perfectly blended work, SS. Silver Congrats.
Tha)nk you very much PSH, Bob, and Mano. I had saved a bunch of zombie horses And needed to Use them up. But I can possibly dig up one more for Thanksgiving. D)
Thanks Hobbit Thanks Reggie Thanks Gummy
Uhh... Splats, we are suppose to eat Turkeys on Thanksgiving not horses.
Gummy What... You tell me now... after all these years.

Funny Zombie Road

Zombie Road
Member reactions:
Thanks, Hitspinner. it must have been the North Star that gave me away.
Thank you very much Bellita. I thought so too... but someone decided to trash it...
Let me guess,,, it was that 2 min. till voter that trashes my stuff too.
Love the detail in the unresized view. Pro work SS.
Should have done better but this time there were a lot of chops of the same quality. I think it was the soft brown tones and the clean lines that gave you away.
Thanks, Guys. Yes, Tim that's good recognition. Softness is something new though. I normally pop a lot of contrast to them
This one's a real beauty. I'm adding it to my favorites. This one really stands out for me...and shoulda been a winner. I wish more people would vote--to even out those who vote "strategically" with the objective of helping their own entries. I think results are usually fair when there are 20+ voters--but that rarely happens any more.
Thanks, LunaC. Your comment means a lot to me. And your exactly right. A broader range of voter preferences would definitely help in the contest results. IMO... most things (comments, quality artist, voters, and ect.) do seem to be trending in a positive direction now. Keep up the good work.

Funny Zombies Dinner at Emmaus

Zombies Dinner at Emmaus

Funny Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse
Member reactions:
My fav of the contest, killer original view. Congrats on the cup.

Funny Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack
Member reactions:
A unique work Mano, congrats on the Silver.

Funny Zombies at the Door

Zombies at the Door

Funny Prince Harry The Zombie

Prince Harry The Zombie
Working for the London Bridge Experience Sources
Member reactions:
Harry has never looked better. Well done.
Congrats, Champ. Michael Jackson thriller running in the background
Thanks Steve, for early comment and congrats. Thanks for great comment HH. Appreciate the nice congrats Hits Wanderer and Bob thanks.
These zombies get around, congrats on the win.

Funny Bottled Brains for Zombies

Bottled Brains for Zombies
Finally a store for zombies.
Member reactions:
This is great. Love the "Come in, We're Dead" sign
Gold congratulations Steve. Good chopping.
Thank you everyone. I'm a ... for Zombies.
Congrads on the Gold Steve....

Funny Mick Zombie Jager

Mick Zombie Jager
2 Sources for Mick, Mick, and the skull. No pre-made Zombie sources. Upper and most lower teeth are his Sources:
Member reactions:
Super nice job, DD. Congrats with silver.
Super believable... Congrats on the silver.
Thanks. Ha, I just realized that I spelled his name wrong. Lol. Idiot.

Funny Zombie For President

Zombie For President
A third party presidential candidate is looking for voters with brains. Problem is, he's a zombie, and you know what they do with that particular organ. Actually, he's not just any zombie. He's A. Zombie, and he's running on a pro-zombie platform, with the help of his vice presidential candidate, Noah Pulse. Since most zombie quotes are just a variation of "Aaaaaargh," Patti Morgan-Zombie, his wife and campaign spokeswoman, have to translate for him. Photoshop any zombie running for president (or turn the current presidential candidates into zombies). Designing a zombie campaign poster is a plus.

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