Sandra Bullock Zombie
Sandra Bullock Zombie
Sandra Bullock Zombie. Member reactions:
Great horror atmosphere. Spiders are a clever touch.
Congrats on the Silver Its420.. Great Zombie work
Excellent detailing. Congrats on the cup.
Thank you suni271980, geriatric,lucianomorelli, & UncleChamp
Congrats on the silver, 420. Awesome zombification here.
Thank you silvercanine, Elegary, & NewsMaster

Funny Audrey The Zombie

Audrey The Zombie

Funny Find Zombie Waldo by Richard Dadd

Find Zombie Waldo by Richard Dadd
In days of yore, children's games were much more artistic. Unfinished tribute to Richard Dadd.
Member reactions:
Really busy but that is totally okay. It looks like a fair amount of work.
Its freaky and funny too... good use of Zombie characters between innocent people well done
Excellent stuff. In some way reminds me paintings from Hyeronimus Bosh, but a bit modernized

Funny Manet's Zombie Hunter

Manet's Zombie Hunter
The title could have also been "Shoot for the Head, Dummy." Three paintings blended into one.
Member reactions:
Great thinking here - one of the best chops in the contest
Awesome change of Original pic into a zombie like structure good one
What a classical shot, best practice place to chop Zombies
, a totally contemporary theme that works so well... Congrats on the cup..
nice..... Really great idea and executed with much talent congrats theroboco
Congrats on your first trophy with us, roboco.

Funny Obama zombie

Obama zombie
Member reactions:
What a face. Did his wife bite his lips off.

Funny Zombie World

Zombie World

Funny The 40 Year Old Zombie

The 40 Year Old Zombie

Funny Zombie by Warhol

Zombie by Warhol

Funny Zombie Chameleon Drinking Coffee

Zombie Chameleon Drinking Coffee
dont forget to check out in Hd. Thank you.
Member reactions:
Beautiful work.....but you gotta lay of the Timmy"s.
thank oldman....havent seen you in a while.
Love this and ... oooh ... hot chick 10 o'clock
thanks salis and thank you andwhat and yes, hotchick at 10 oclock, just watch out for the zombie hoard .
I like coffee too..but at least I have my priorities straight. You Silly Zombies 'Hot Girl 10 o'clock'
Amazing..... the Frog with big eyes and a lovely hat came out to fight with Zombies excellent work with a moon light and a lady peeping from the top floor .... Great composition and nice lighting effects a Predictable winner in the contest good one
You don't like Timmy's. Maybe he bought it to roll up the rim.
Congratulations on your Gold Cup RobinBobin. Mind-Blowing, masterful job
thank you everyone for all your comments.

Funny Barack Obama Zombie

Barack Obama Zombie
Obama is the leader of a fearsome group of hungry zombies. I hope you like the work.
Member reactions:
Awesome, it could be fun to see Obama as a zombie in the walking dead
Astonishing chop..... the source pic itself give some scope to chop him as a Zombie... great work in putting his skin brushes and the eye lid coming out and the missing leg looks more scary and leader of Zombies Great job done
very nice to have kept the same color tone in all image. Great job, congrats
i gave this a 10 ...what a beautiful piece of work
this is classified story of obama.. u got him hidden Awesome fatality chop to this zombie
Silver congrats, TaitaViracocha. Nice to see you back.
No wonder my work has been in second place since my last works by more good they are, are relegated to the second, third or fourth place, definitely this is absurd. I feel very bad and disappointed. I think this will be my last work on this site.
Taita, look, your chop is great, but your baby-crying comments are not. "Delete my chop", "not fair", "this is absurd", "my work is absolutely better than others", "this is my last work on this site", "I am leaving", etc. How many times are you going to post these kind of comments when you don't get the gold as you expect. Everyone who enters hopes to win, but did you see other members crying like you. If you want to leave the site, fine, we'll wish you the best. If you want to stay you have to stop acting like a baby, and show some respect for other members and their chops, which you always consider inferior to your work. Thanks for listening.
Not mourn as a baby, was cleared a comment that gave me the reason, and in my recent work I have not said anything about it. This was the straw that broke the camel. The winning work is lack of shadows and objects appear to float. But the decision to the members who vote for these jobs. In any case, I accept my defeat, but I'll never be satisfied with the result. And it's not just with my work but with other jobs that are better and which are relegated to secondary positions. I think we should plantaear mejosres votes. And I think better than the rest and not cry like a baby. Sorry but I understand, this is translated with Google Translate
EnglishSpanishArabicTatia, chill out. Su trabajo es excelente. Todos somos víctimas de la votación idiota. Pero a los votantes, es su elección por cualquier razón. A veces no tiene sentido y que es justo la manera que es. Tengo dos entradas que no pudieron conseguir una taza cuando sé que técnicamente debería haber marcado mucho más alto pero no energizar a los votantes a votar superior. La razón principal ... comunicación. A veces, la gente aprecia el poder técnico, sino que pasan por más crudas, chuletas más divertidos. Es sólo la forma en que es. Al igual que usted, me enojo cuando enormes, el tiempo y el trabajo intensivo de las chuletas son arrojados a un lado de ... como swaps cara de tonto, pero no te hace ningún bien. Los electores votarán cómo votan e incluso los golpes con un palo inteligente no va a cambiar eso. Mi vieja me dice todo el tiempo, no todo el mundo le va a gustar tus cosas. Así que, bueno, trato con él. Así que si mi amigo. Cheers, siempre hay un mañana
If you're so damn good then go sell your work/talents on the World stage and make some real money. Newsmaster sets the rules for this site and your complaining is tiresome. You are a wimpy little cry-baby. boo-hoo-hoo...
Silver congrats, TaitaViracocha.
I voted 10 with my 87 Karma if it can make you feel better, and 8 fo the first. One of the bad things is that there is not so many voters and someone with many Karma can change easy the average rating, the vote system is pretty good but can be far better in my opinion. Anyway Freakingnews is not a casino for make money, being in top 4 is already great. This site is maybe not perfect but is pretty cool . PS: If you voted more often and get a better Karma you could have vote "harder" for the first one and you would be the first
geriátrica: This does not do it for the money or try to live this. And I wept for the money or the trophy, claim only fair.

Funny Zombie For President

Zombie For President
A third party presidential candidate is looking for voters with brains. Problem is, he's a zombie, and you know what they do with that particular organ. Actually, he's not just any zombie. He's A. Zombie, and he's running on a pro-zombie platform, with the help of his vice presidential candidate, Noah Pulse. Since most zombie quotes are just a variation of "Aaaaaargh," Patti Morgan-Zombie, his wife and campaign spokeswoman, have to translate for him. Photoshop any zombie running for president (or turn the current presidential candidates into zombies). Designing a zombie campaign poster is a plus.

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