Super Zombie
Super Zombie
Super Zombie.

Funny Russian Zombies

Russian Zombies
Zombie population in Russia is growing and it is 89% now.
Member reactions:
These eyes are kinda hypnotically scary.
89% Russians currently have zombie's eyes after watching Russian TV and Putin's regime has target to have 100% population with zombie eyes. They are working for that.

Funny Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie
Rob Zombie with his Dragula car and his dog MitziFangenFurter. Link to his music video "Dragula"

Funny Rembrandt Zombie Self Portrait

Rembrandt Zombie Self Portrait

Funny Obama with Zombies

Obama with Zombies
Member reactions:
Hello HH, definitely a crazy chop hahahhahaahahah.

Funny Zombies and Aliens attack Obama

Zombies and Aliens attack Obama
a zombie attack, and also aliens, obama is so afraid that your brain is stolen, only, think of hiding, where you can
Member reactions:
Congrats Elegary.Some good chooping.The changes you made definitely made the work better.
Another fantastic piece Elegary, congrats on the Silver.

Funny Dancing With Zombies in the Walking Dead

Dancing With Zombies in the Walking Dead
Love the show walking dead and seeing as Rick is a Manly man who best to put lady legs on him
Member reactions:
Just wondering if the tutu and legs are a little light an fluffy. Interesting image nonetheless.

Funny John Travolta Kissing a Zombie

John Travolta Kissing a Zombie

Funny Monster Elvis at a Zombie Party

Monster Elvis at a Zombie Party
Get yourself a little bit of rock 'n roll, party down with Elvis to your blue green zombie soul.
Member reactions:
nice work, swashbuckle. he lookws like stephen king. congrats.
My sincere thanks to all for helping to educate my eye. And sometimes we just get lucky.

Funny Police Directing JayWalking Zombies in New York

Police Directing JayWalking Zombies in New York
yeah you tell them, safety in traffic is there for all pedestrians, dead or alive. even undead.
Member reactions:
Hmm.that t-shirt..... only smiling zombie.
Excellent work, should have scored higher
I know... if i had put in a charicature of pres. obama i would have scored higher....

Funny Zombie For President

Zombie For President
A third party presidential candidate is looking for voters with brains. Problem is, he's a zombie, and you know what they do with that particular organ. Actually, he's not just any zombie. He's A. Zombie, and he's running on a pro-zombie platform, with the help of his vice presidential candidate, Noah Pulse. Since most zombie quotes are just a variation of "Aaaaaargh," Patti Morgan-Zombie, his wife and campaign spokeswoman, have to translate for him. Photoshop any zombie running for president (or turn the current presidential candidates into zombies). Designing a zombie campaign poster is a plus.

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