Obama with Zombies
Obama with Zombies
Obama with Zombies. Member reactions:
Hello HH, definitely a crazy chop hahahhahaahahah.

Funny Zombies and Aliens attack Obama

Zombies and Aliens attack Obama
a zombie attack, and also aliens, obama is so afraid that your brain is stolen, only, think of hiding, where you can
Member reactions:
Congrats Elegary.Some good chooping.The changes you made definitely made the work better.
Another fantastic piece Elegary, congrats on the Silver.

Funny Dancing With Zombies

Dancing With Zombies
Love the show walking dead and seeing as Rick is a Manly man who best to put lady legs on him
Member reactions:
Just wondering if the tutu and legs are a little light an fluffy. Interesting image nonetheless.

Funny Monster Elvis Zombie Party!

Monster Elvis Zombie Party!
Get yourself a little bit of rock 'n roll, party down with Elvis to your blue green zombie soul.
Member reactions:
nice work, swashbuckle. he lookws like stephen king. congrats.
My sincere thanks to all for helping to educate my eye. And sometimes we just get lucky.

Funny Zombie


Funny Zombie Putin

Zombie Putin
Member reactions:
I just read a few things on that. The guy is a certifiable A55whole. Excellent chop well thought out with real details A+++... Wood congrats.
Congrats Jeremiah. Iron curtain zombies look just like the ones in the "free world"

Funny Zombie Lost Returns

Zombie Lost Returns
Lost Season 7 Spoilers: A Remake Instead Of A Sequel. Showrunner Claims That A New Series Is Certain. SOURCE
Member reactions:
Rocks indeed. Very clever use of his bald head as an island. I was going to suggest that you remove the dark pixel line at the top, but you did it already
i guess my 9 didn't help. great work as usual dd.
Had a deadline and missed the vote. I have no words. I was sure it would grab a top spot.
Yeah spinner it's ridiculous. 7........ really, can't tell ya how ... ed I am.

Funny Michael Douglas the Zombie

Michael Douglas the Zombie
Member reactions:
Great work seen... zombie looks perfectly suits him
Impressively spooky. Looks Douglas' best horror role
Whooooaaaahhh. eeeeeeegads. Man, never want to confront anything like this. Nice

Funny Sandra Bullock the Zombie

Sandra Bullock the Zombie
Member reactions:
Great horror atmosphere. Spiders are a clever touch.
Congrats on the Silver Its420.. Great Zombie work
Excellent detailing. Congrats on the cup.
Thank you suni271980, geriatric,lucianomorelli, & UncleChamp
Congrats on the silver, 420. Awesome zombification here.
Thank you silvercanine, Elegary, & NewsMaster

Funny Breaking Bad Zombie

Breaking Bad Zombie
See in High Resolution Please... thanks,to alz Stock gd08 stock joran belar simfonic nhuval stock Sources Full View
Member reactions:
cool, reminds me of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch.v=krQHQvtIr6w
Awesome work silvercanine,silver congrats
congrats SC.. wicked chop and i;m glad you liked the vid.
Excellent... Congrats on the Silver cup. Great chop
I love what u did here, Cool clean creepy

Funny Zombie For President

Zombie For President
A third party presidential candidate is looking for voters with brains. Problem is, he's a zombie, and you know what they do with that particular organ. Actually, he's not just any zombie. He's A. Zombie, and he's running on a pro-zombie platform, with the help of his vice presidential candidate, Noah Pulse. Since most zombie quotes are just a variation of "Aaaaaargh," Patti Morgan-Zombie, his wife and campaign spokeswoman, have to translate for him. Photoshop any zombie running for president (or turn the current presidential candidates into zombies). Designing a zombie campaign poster is a plus.

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